Who's Heard of Sportblocks?


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I've been buying some Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner cards from another collector who is selling his collection. One of the items I got was a 1998 Pinnacle Sportsblock. Its about the size of a Rubik's cube and you can turn the blocks different directions to get pictures of different players. My Mariners one had Randy, Edgar, Buhner, Griffey, Arod, Dan Wilson, and Jeff Fassero. Other teams in the checklist incude Angels, Diamondbacks, Braves, orioles, red Sox, Indians, Dodgers, Yankees, And Tampa.

Anyways, we just thought these were cool and wanted to share as we were unaware of these neat oddball items.

Thanks, Sue



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I remember them from the early-mid 90's....

I have some of the pinnacle cans... not sure if you are looking for any.. I think I have Griffey and Arod both in M's uni. not sure who else is on them, I would have to dig my stuff out and look....