Why we send to players early in their career.


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I wrote to Derek Jeter twice very early in his career and was very lucky to get two successes back.

I decided to send them off to JSA/Beckett and get them both authenticated and slabbed and they came back today.

I hope you enjoy them.




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Any chance that 97T is available? I would very much like to have that card for my trophy collection, as I can't seem to even find one to be listed for sale on ebay!!!

Jeter, Shinjo, Ichiro, Puckett and Munson are on my "near impossible and/or extremely expensive" list, but I have 90% of the rest from 1960-present..


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Somewhere----where ever unanswered TTM’s go is an envelope with a 97T just like yours addressed to Jeter from my daughter a couple of years ago. I can just imagine the mail that piles up for Jeter. He seems like the type of guy that would save the mail well into his retirement and get it all signed.

I was lucky enough to have stock piled his Rookie cards before he ever made it. I guess that could happen seeing his rookies started in 92 and 93.