Why you need to go through those boxes in the garage.....

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Nov 16, 2002
Las Vegas
So I dug out what I figured was a junk flip top bin while getting donations ready and found out I am a pack rat.... heres what I dug out
17 93/4 Ultra Jam City sets
3 94/5 Ultra Scorig Kings sets
4 93/4 Ultra Power in the Key sets
8 94/5 Flair Rejector sets
6 94/5 Ultra Power in the Key sets
1 95/6 Flair Perimiter power set
9 95 Flair Touchdown Power sets
11 95 Ultra Power Plus sets
1 95 fleer Smooth Leather set
3 95/6 skybox hockey generation next sets

Not a bad 10 minutes of digging. I thought I had sold off all this stuff when I quit doing shows but I guess not :)
What is your price on the Power in the Key set? The one I am interested in is the one with the foil background..think it's 94-95. Actually think I only need one card, but if the price is decent, I'll buy a set and make mine dupes.
Whats up
If any of the sets have Jordans I may be interested in each set that does or if you can break up I would be interested in one of each Jordan. Let me know how much via Pay-Pal for each or as a lot.
Very nice finds: AJ
Aj only the 93/4 power in the key has a MJ but I do have other sets as well with Jordan if you are interested?
I can't remember who I needed now. It is the 93-94 set I was collecting. I do have Jordan, Malone, etc. It might be Webber I needed. I'll see if I can find the partial set and let you know.
Aj ill make a list for you tonight. I also have an 85 star co miller lite all stars set with a graded MJ if you are interestred