***WHyFLy's Rolling 2015 Bowman/Bowman Chrome/Bowman Draft Tradelist!***


UPDATED: 6/18/2015

Decided to put together a list here for all 2015 Bowman/Bowman Chrome/Bowman Draft that I have available For Trade or For Sale! The list is seperated by 1st Year Prospects, Prospects, Rookies, and Inserts. The teams are listed by each player and all players are listed that I have. Use the search feature to make you search easier if you are looking for specific players or teams.

**Everything is also For Sale! If Interested, PM me what you want and I'll get you a Price on the lot/single!**
***Trading for ALL Ozhaino Albies (All Paper, Chrome, Inserts, Autos), Atlanta Braves Bowman Chrome Prospect Autos, and Atlanta Braves HOF Rookies!***
****I Will Consider Trading for Prospect Chrome Colored and Chrome Autos of TOP PROSPECTS!****

2015 Bowman

1st Year Base Paper Prospects:

Purple Parallel Autographs Connor Harrell 190/250 (Tigers)

Purple Parallel Willy Adames 232/250 (Rays)

Silver Ice Parallel Jose Queliz (Diamondbacks)
Silver Ice Parallel Chih-Wei Hu (Twins)

Seth Streich (A's)
Jaycob Baugman (A's)
Ricardo Sanchez (Angels) x3
Nate Smith (Angels)
Trevor Gott (Angels)
Brett Phillips (Astros) x3
Conrad Gregor (Astros) x2
Teoscar Hernandez (Astros) x2
Jaird Labourt (Blue Jays)
Williams Perez (Braves) x2
Victor Reyes (Braves) x3
Wes Parsons (Braves)
Gilbert Lara (Brewers) x2
Jorge Lopez (Brewers)
Nick Petree (Cardinals) x2
Jimmy Reed (Cardinals)
Juan Herrera (Cardinals)
Corey Littrell (Cardinals)
Edmundo Sosa (Cardinals)
Jen-Ho Tseng (Cubs) x2
Yasmony Tomas (Diamondbacks) x2
Jose Queliz (Diamondbacks)
Touki Toussaint (Diamondbacks)
Scott Schebler (Dodgers) x2
Jose De Leon (Dodgers)
Ty Black (Giants) x3
Keury Mella (Giants) x2
Trevor Frank (Indians) x3
Ryan Merritt (Indians) x3
Eric Haase (Indians) x2
Erik Gonzalez (Indians) x2
Luis Lugo (Indians)
Giovanny Urshela (Indians)
Domingo German (Marlins)
Jarlin Garcia (Marlins)
Jack Reinheimer (Mariners) x2
Champ Stuart (Mets)
Marcos Molina (Mets) x2
T.J. Chism (Mets) x2
Jhoan Urena (Mets)
Rafael Bautista (Nationals) x2
Pedro Severino (Nationals)
Mike Yastrzemski (Orioles)
Fernando Perez (Padres) x3
Jake Bauers (Padres) x3
Gabriel Quintana (Padres) x2
Kyle Lloyd (Padres) x2
James Needy (Padres) x2
Buddy Borden (Pirates) x3
Adrian Sampson (Pirates) x2
Joe Jackson (Rangers) x4
Willy Adames (Rays) x2
Matt Andriese (Rays) x2
Sal Romano (Reds) x2
Raisel Iglesias (Reds) x2
Carlos Asuaje (Red Sox) x2
Jantzen Witte (Red Sox)
Emerson Jimenez (Rockies)
Frank Schwindel (Royals) x2
Logan Moon (Royals)
Dixon Machado (Tigers) x2
Aaron Slegers (Twins)
Chik-Wei Hu (Twins)
Carlos Rodon (White Sox) x2
James Dykstra (White Sox) x2
Adam Engel (White Sox)
Andre Wheeler (White Sox)
Robert Refsnyder (Yankees)
Jorge Mateo (Yankees) x3
Nelson Gomez (Yankees) x2

Base Paper Prospects:

Green Parallel Autographs Luis Guillorme 69/99 (Mets)

Gold Parallel Robert Stephenson 30/50 (Reds)

Silver Ice Parallel Orlando Arcia (Brewers)
Silver Ice Parallel Tim Cooney (Cardinals)
Silver Ice Parallel Rob Kaminsky (Cardinals)
Silver Ice Parallel Matt Wisler (Padres)

Chad Pinder (A's) x2
Jeremy Rhoades (Angels) x3
Domingo Santana (Astros) x2
Carlos Correa (Astros) x2
Rio Ruiz (Astros)
Mike Appel (Astros)
Colin Moran (Astros)
Jose Peraza (Braves)
Orlando Arcia (Brewers) x2
Rob Kaminsky (Cardinals) x3
Tim Cooney (Cardinals)
Alex Reyes (Cardinals) x2
Marco Gonzalez (Cardinals)
Kris Bryant (Cubs) x3
Albert Almora (Cubs)
Kyle Schwarber (Cubs) x3
Aaron Blair (Diamondbacks)
Archie Bradley (Diamondbacks) x2
Julio Urias (Dodgers) x2
Alex Verdugo (Dodgers) x3
Chris Stratton (Giants) x2
Francisco Mejia (Indians)
Tyler Naquin (Indians)
Justin Nicolino (Marlins) x2
Avery Romero (Marlins)
Gareth Morgan (Mariners) x3
Kevin Plawecki (Mets) x3
Steven Matz (Mets) x2
Drew Ward (Nationals) x4
A.J. Cole (Nationals) x2
Jake Johansen (Nationals) x3
Hunter Harvey (Orioles) x3
Tim Berry (Orioles)
Joe Ross (Padres) x2
Matt Wisler (Padres)
Roman Quinn (Phillies) x3
Aaron Nola (Phillies)
Josh Bell (Pirates) x2
Reese McGuire (Pirates) x3
Harold Ramirez (Pirates)
Jacoby Jones (Pirates) x3
Nick Williams (Rangers)
Nick Tarvieso (Reds) x2
Robert Stephenson (Reds)
Rafael Devers (Red Sox) x3
Jon Grey (Rockies)
Raimel Tapia (Rockies)
Ryan McMahon (Rockies)
Forrest Wall (Rockies)
Kyle Zimmer (Royals) x3
Austin Kubitza (Tigers)
Nick Gordon (Twins) x3
Alex Meyer (Twins) x2
Francellis Montas (White Sox) x2
Tim Anderson (White Sox)
Luis Severino (Yankees) x2
Gary Sanchez (Yankees) x2

1st Year Base Chrome Prospects:

Gold Refractor Williams Perez 41/50 (Braves)

Refractor Jen-Ho Tseng 131/499 (Cubs)

Orange Wave Refractor Wes Parsons (Braves)
Orange Wave Refractor Eric Haase (Indians)

Seth Streich (A's)
Jaycob Baugman (A's) x2
Trevor Gott (Angels) x2
Victor Alcantara (Angels)
Nate Smith (Angels) x2
Ricardo Sanchez (Angels)
Conrad Gregor (Astros) x4 *1 Factory Error - Major Miscut*
Brett Phillips (Astros)
Jairo Labourt (Blue Jays) x2
Williams Perez (Braves) x2
Victor Reyes (Braves)
Wes Parsons (Braves)
Taylor Williams (Brewers) x2
Tyler Wagner (Brewers) x2
Gilbert Lara (Brewers)
Jorge Lopez (Brewers) x2
Juan Herrera (Cardinals)
Corey Littrell (Cardinals) x2
Jimmy Reed (Cardinals)
Edmundo Sosa (Cardinals)
Nick Petree (Cardinals) x2
Jen-Ho Tseng (Cubs) x2
Yasmany Tomas (Diamondbacks) x2
Touki Toussant (Diamondbacks)
Jose Queliz (Diamondbacks)
Jose De Leon (Dodgers)
Scott Schebler (Dodgers)
Keury Mella (Giants) x4 *1 Factory Error - Major Miscut*
Ty Blach (Giants)
Trevor Frank (Indians)
Eric Haase (Indians)
Erik Gonzalez (Indians) x2
Luis Lugo (Indians) x2
Giovanny Urshela (Indians) x2
Domingo German (Marlins) x2
Jasrlin Garcia (Marlins)
Marcos Molina (Mets)
Austin Voth (Nationals) x2
Rafael Bautista (Nationals)
Mike Yastrzemski (Orioles)
Dariel Alvarez (Orioles)
Fernando Perez (Padres)
Jake Bauers (Padres)
Gabriel Quintana (Padres)
Buddy Borden (Pirates)
Joe Jackson (Rangers)
Matt Andriese (Rays)
Willy Adames (Rays)
Raisel Iglesias (Reds)
Sal Romano (Reds) x2
Carlos Asuaje (Red Sox) x2
Jordan Betts (Red Sox)
Logan Moon (Royals)
Jose Valdez (Tigers)
Dixon Machado (Tigers) x2
James Dykstra (White Sox) x2
Adam Engel (White Sox) x2
Robert Refsnyder (Yankees) x2
Jorge Mateo (Yankees)

Base Chrome Prospects:

Refractor Marco Gonzalez 193/499 (Cardinals)

Orange Wave Refractor Tyler Naquin (Indians)
Orange Wave Refractor Francellis Montas (White Sox)

Chad Pinder (A's) x2
Raul Alcantara (A's)
Jeremy Rhoades (Angels) x2
Domingo Santana (Astros)
Mark Appel (Astros)
Carlos Correa (Astros) x2
Jose Peraza (Braves)
Marco Gonzales (Cardinals)
Tim Cooney (Cardinals)
Alex Reyes (Cardinals) x2
Rob Kaminsky (Cardinals)
Albert Almora (Cubs)
Addison Russell (Cubs)
Aaron Blair (Diamondbacks)
Chris Stratton (Giants) x2
Francisco Mejia (Indians)
Tyler Naquin (Indians)
Avery Romero (Marlins) x3
Tyler Kolek (Marlins) x3
Justin Nicolino (Marlins) x2
Gareth Morgan (Mariners)
Kevin Plawecki (Mets) x2
Steven Matz (Mets) x2
Jake Johansen (Nationals)
Tim Berry (Orioles) x2
Hunter Harvey (Orioles)
Joe Ross (Padres)
Roman Quinn (Phillies)
Luis Heredia (Pirates) x3
Josh Bell (Pirates) x2
Harold Ramirez (Pirates)
Austin Meadoes (Pirates)
Reese McGuire (Pirates)
Nick Williams (Rangers)
Rafael Devers (Red Sox) x2
David Dahl (Rockies) x2 *1 Factory Error - Missing Chrome Technology*
Ryan McMahon (Rockies)
Raimel Tapia (Rockies) x2
Kyle Zimmer (Royals)
Austin Kubitza (Tigers) x2
Miguel Sano (Twins)
Francellis Montas (White Sox)
Luis Severino (Yankees)
Gary Sanchez (Yankees)
Greg Bird (Yankees)

Base Paper Rookies:

Silver Parallel Daniel Corcino 043/499 (Reds)

Silver Ice Parallel Nick Tropeano (Angels)

R.J. Alvarez (A's) x3
Nick Tropeano (Angels)
Dalton Pompey (Blue Jays) x2
Daniel Norris (Blue Jays) x2
Mike Foltynewicz (Braves) x3
Jason Rogers (Brewers) x2
Xavier Scruggs (Cardinals) x2
Jorge Soler (Cubs)
Javier Baez (Cubs) x2
Jake Lamb (Diamondbacks)
Yimi Garcia (Dodgers) x3
Joc Pederson (Dodgers)
Gary Brown (Giants) x4
Dilson Herrera (Mets) x2
Michael Taylor (Nationals) x3
Christian Walker (Orioles) x3
Rymer Liriano (Padres)
Maikel Franco (Phillies) x2
Daniel Corcino (Reds) x2
Edwin Escobar (Red Sox) x3
Rusney Castillo (Red Sox) x2
Matt Barnes (Red Sox) x2
Bryce Brentz (Red Sox) x2
Brandon Finnegan (Royals) x4
Steven Moya (Tigers) x3
Buck Farmer (Tigers) x3
Trevor May (Twins)
Bryan Mitchell (Yankees) x2

Paper Base Veterans:

Blue Parallel Yasiel Puig 076/150 (Dodgers)

Silver Parallel Justin Morneau 490/499 (Rockies)

Silver Ice Parallel Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians)

Bowman Flashback Rookie:

Marquis Grissom (Expos)
Moises Alou (Pirates)
Frank Thomas (White Sox)

Farm's Finest Mini:

Green Shimmer Refractor Jacob Gatewood 72/99 (Brewers)
Green Shimmer Refractor Henry Owens 73/99 (Red Sox)

Dillon Overton (A's)
Marco Gonzalez (Cardinals)
Tim Cooney (Cardinals)
Kris Bryant (Cubs)
D.J. Peterson (Mariners)
Kevin Plawecki (Mets)
Chance Sisco (Orioles)
Jacoby Jones (Pirates)
Nomar Mazara (Rangers)
Courtney Hawkins (White Sox)
Luis Severino (Yankees)

Bowman's Scouts Top 100:

Bradon Shipley (Diamondbacks)
Hunter Harvey (Orioles)
Austin Hedges (Padres)
Matt Wisler (Padres)
Eduardo Rodriguez (Red Sox)


Hi and welcome to the Bench. I can use Silver Ice Parallel Tim Cooney (Cardinals). I have an extra BP71 Albies. LMK, Aaron

Hey I appreciate the welcome Aaron! I would need a bit more than just a paper Albies for a Silver Ice Parallel. Anything else interest you for the Albies?


5.00 star(s)
I have

3 Chrome Prospects BCP71 Ozhaino Albies
3 Bowman Prospects BP71 Ozhaino Albies

I could use
Silver Ice Parallel Jacob DeGrom
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5.00 star(s)
Do you have anything of Tim Anderson or Tyler Danish that you would trade for the Albies. Pretty sure they are in the years you mentioned.


I have 2 chrome albies. # bcp 71 lmk how many #bcp 62 jose de leon,s you have. thanks. larry

Only have 1 Chrome De Leon, Multiples would be listed next to player and team. Let me know what you are thinking, would be interested in both the Chrome Albies.