Will Drew Brees sign now?

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Nov 22, 2008
Brainerd, MN
I sent a card to Drew Brees last August and I know he previously took quite a while to send back but I was wondering if he'd even sign now that he's reached the "peak of perfection". Anybody know?

He was good at signing (somewhat), but that is probably all out the window for the time being...but, when they miss the playoffs this season he will have lots of time to catch up on fan mail.
Well, I got one back January of this year after just over a month but it was on one of those cheap Topps of the Class cards because I had nothing else. Now I have a probably several of his cards and now they're collecting dust. Maybe the wait will pay off because I wouldn't doubt if they miss the playoffs. Their team just doesn't look capable enough.

Rangersfan- PLMK what you would trade for that Drew Meyer card I have
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That's the joy of TTMing, you'll find out once it's in your mailbox. I sent even when he was signing regularly and I still haven't gotten my card back, you never know.