Will pay $20 dlvd for 200 Cardinals- DEAL MADE

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May 29, 2014
Bella Vista, Arkansas
I have a deal in the works at this time. Hold off on responding until next month. Thanks!

Good evening!

I have just recently got back in to team collecting StL Cardinals. Rather than spend money on a blaster box for cards I don't want, I thought I would try this. As the title says I would like to purchase 200 different Cardinals cards for team sets. I have all flagship Topps that I need listed on my trade page, but will take any of the following as well:

Bowman- All years, base, not prospects
Donruss products- All years, base
Fleer products- All years except 1988, base
Score products- All years, base
Topps- Everything but flagship, base
Upper Deck products- All years, base

I will make one PayPal friends and family purchase this month. PM me if interested, will respond in the order they are received.

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I just pulled 229 Cardinals for you. The Topps Flagship cards are all not listed on your wantlist. The rest are Bowman, Heritage, Topps Chrome. Can you make it $25 paypal. It's going to cost a few bucks to send and I'd like to get something out of this. LMK, Aaron