Wow, if I would have seen this...

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5.00 star(s)
Nov 9, 2002
Louisville area
...I may have taken a chance.

Ryan Finest Refractor

Bad picture and low feedback, plus not sure if that really is a refractor...BUT if not I could have always filed a claim with Paypal. Oh well, too late now. What do you guys and gals think?? Would you have pulled the trigger?
Does not appear to be a refractor...just from the scan or picture...The regular all-star card books at $ you could have taken a chance at it without risk with a low bid......When this product first came out.......The big question was is this a refractor or just the base card.:D In this case...I would have contacted the seller and with the question!
$6.20 for shipping? Talk about people trying to rip people off...

If it really was the refractor version, I'd pay $18 for shipping plus the .99 auction price................and be extremely happy about it!

Tim - Sure, I would have taken a shot. Like you said, if you weren't happy, the seller could have refunded your money or Paypal could have been contacted.

Yea, I search for Ryan stuff all the time but missed this one somehow. Like Tim said, I would have gladly paid the $6 shipping for that card if it was in fact a refractor.
This one was most likely listed then pulled by the seller, therefore no bids. I do that a lot, especially if I can't decide if I want to sell an item or not.