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Yeah, it was posted in a thread over on Topps on the 11th. I just worry about fake posters and sellers, as the pics are the same as Some people just get stupid and list it on ebay with someone else's pics, and figure they will see what they can generate, as they use their free listing for the month.

Could actually be a real listing, or could be someone being stupid, and will just reject every offer. It would be nice to see a different pic than the ones posted on the net 2 days ago. Either way, someone has it, and it will be interesting to see what it sells for.
I think the listing is real- he says in the topps message board that he pulled a Ruth 1/1 out of tribute & he has that one listed on ebay as well.
Pretty Crazy pulls!!
That is a awesome card!!! Not sure what he will end up getting for it!! Not the BIN price though that is for sure!! But he is going to get a very nice chunk!

Asking 500K, and then puts this in "Buyer pays for insurance" I think I would offer to cover insurance if I got that kind of money for a card... lol

- Chris
I'm guessing the high price is insurance to keep the BIN from being used. Those types of cards are best suited for an auction house or even let Beckett sell if for you, like they have done before on big hits.

Maybe a nice offer comes in and the guy negotiates an off-ebay deal to save the fees!
Not sure what the deal is here, but I went back and checked the auction...I had put in a $1 I was amazed to find this:

Sorry mindbinge, you didn't win this item. This item has ended with Buy It Now.
Buyer view

Item:Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig 09 Triple Threads #1 Relic Auto
I doubt this guy pulled the card. Look at his other completed listings he has listed it on three different occasions hoping for a bite.
well it says it ended with a buy it now? doesn't say the seller closed the listing...nor does it say it sold for best offer? I know someone was not dumb enough to hit the buy it now on that...wonder what the real deal is?