Wrigley Field Autograph Tips


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Hey all,

I will be heading to Wrigley Field June 15th and 16th to see my Indians play the Cubs. Looking for any and all autograph tips, looking to just get autographs for the Indians. Wasn't sure if any of you have had any success getting autographs of the away team and where/when I should go to get them.

Thanks in advance!


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Go early for BP, they eventually block off the lower level to only those who sit at those seats. if you get there when the gates open then you should have a chance to snag a couple. I know you said you are only going for Indians bue Bryant has been signing everyday

Tony Kozelichki

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Wrigley is not the easiest place for autographs. Like it said above, there's a chance during BP along the railing between the dugout and bullpen. The park opens 2 hours before the game, so get there early if you want a chance. Depending on the mood of security, unless you have box seats, you may not be allowed to go down. Also, the Indians team bus after the game will be parked on Sheffield Avenue behind the right field corner. Probably you'll have to wait an hour or so after the game for players to come out. If it's getaway day, everyone will ride the bus out. If not, some players may not leave via bus and will, instead, take a cab from the ballpark.


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How'd this end up going? I've never had the best luck at Wrigley. It's not the worst place to graph but definitely not the best. Just always packed and not the best field access.