WTB MLB HOF Pack Pulled ON-Card Autos

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Aug 15, 2008
Eastern North Carolina
WTB MLB HOF Pack Pulled ON-Card Autos

Looking for MLB HOF pack pulled on-card autos for my pc. (No gued/auto combos) Have almost 750, but always looking for cards I don't have (recent museum, tier one, tribute, gq,etc come to mind). Paying around low book plus reasonable s&h and paypal goods fees...no "gift" (but can pay by check). PLMK what you have and a price.

Don't need Palmer, Eck, Fingers, Kaline, Smoltz, Cepeda, B Williams, Snider, Ozzie, Suton, Sutter...few others I already have lots of)

Looking for future hofers as well (rivera, vlady, thome, irod, etc)

And....will trade from my bucket. In your favor, of course, if you want "regular" gued. In your favor as well if you want patches or HTG cards, but not as much. (pc is not ft...unless you make me an offer I can't refuse)

Please....no cards in "graded card" holders. They don't fit in my storeage system.

Thanks, John