WTB - These Ben Hogan Cards

Charlie Haviza

Bench Warmer
Want to buy for my PC, the following Ben Hogan Cards:

1977-79 Sportscaster 35-10 Print Run C
1977-79 Sportscaster 34-794 Belgium
1992 South Wales Constabulary Fairways Favourites #9
2001 Upper Deck SP Authentic #34 Gold #/500
2002 Upper Deck Legends #48 Gold #/100
2012 Panini Golden Age Candy Crofts #62 Mini Blue Back
2012 Panini Golden Age Broad Leaf #62 Mini Ty Cobb Back

If you have any of these FOR SALE or know where I might be able to obtain these, please PM me.

Thank you in advance!

Please visit www.benhogangolfcards.com to see all of the Ben Hogan cards that I have identified to date.
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