WTB/WTTF a few 1998 Topps TEK cards


5.00 star(s)
WTB/WTTF mint or near mint 1998 Topps TEK cards
from and with some new TEK collectors out there

Wanted to buy or trade for
Some Mint or Near Mint 1998 Topps TEK cards

There are 8100 total cards in set of 90 patterns of 90 players

Email me a list of what you have by
Player... Card #.... pattern #
to togatx@aol.com

Not as a reply but as an email..Thanks

Also send me your own Want lists of 1998 Topps TEKs. I do help a handful of collectors out with their sets from time to time who are still trying to finish a favorite player or favorite pattern # 90 card set some 18 years later.

Carl T

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