WTS 1990 Topps vending boxes (never searched)


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I bought a case of these a long time ago and built several sets of 1990 topps. I've given away quite a few to some kids in my neighborhood hoping to get some newer generations interested in baseball cards and set building.

Anyway, I have just a handful left that I am not going to open and would like to get a bare minimum amount of cash for them. I will put (6) in a medium flat rate box and ask for $5 each vending box.

Get the flat rate box for $37 delivered....I can't charge you for shipping supplies because the box was free and I will absorb the paypal fee if you go that route of payment.

You should be able to get 3 sets out of these or you could give them to kids in your neighborhood to spark some interest in our hobby instead of just video games.

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