WTS...Blowing out Base/Inserts/Parallells


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WTS...Blowing Out Base/Inserts/Parallells
Hoping to move LARGE LOTS. (please no 3 of this set...5 of that set...2 of this player...you get the message...don't want to invest to much time almost giving cards away)

Check out my google tradepage and let me know what you want. Looking to SELL FOR ACTUAL POSTAGE + PAYPAL FEES + WHAT YOU THINK THE CARD ARE WORTH!!
Will also take cash instead of paypal.....You can pay after you get the cards if you'd like.


Just asking you to be fair and honest with me. Am including almost all of my cards on the page ( I will remove a few of them but not many). Also have thousands of cards from 1990 to early 2000's not listed if you have a favorite team. I can pull/send by teams but will not pull individual players and cannot take the time to list all the cards.

First come first served. Let's move 'em out.

Shipping Guide (and only as an example)......05/29 mailed about 500 cards for $6.19
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