WTT 2003 bowman chrome refractor rookie card Cliff Lee. Wantlist inside

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5.00 star(s)
Jun 28, 2006
boynton beach, florida
Title says it all. Have a nrmt-mint copy of 2003 bowman chrome refractor rookie card of Cliff Lee. Card is number BDP122.

Looking for hit/hits on wantlist.

WANTLIST Topps & Heritage SP
2015 topps rookie variation Devon Travis, Bryant
2015 topps 150B stanton (Variation, celebrating with team)
2015 topps 616 bryant
2015 topps heritage high numbers SP 702 upton-725 bryant
2015 topps heritage high numbers any 716 Devon Travis parallels (one of each)
2015 topps heritage SP 426 stanton--action variation needed
2015 topps heritage SP 463 fernandez, 486 yelich
2014 topps heritage major 53B stanton (missing miami on front)
2014 topps heritage minors SP 202 almonte, 210 ramsey, 222 lively
2013 topps heritage SP 430 trout, 440 harper, 491 chen
2013 topps heritage minors SP 207 vogelbach, 212 dog, 214 betancourt, 221 heathcott, 222 sanchez, 224 swihart
2012 topps 661 bryce harper (any variation)
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