WTT: 2013 Topps Series 2 inserts


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Looking to trade Topps Series 2 and Archives inserts/parallels for other cards I need from those sets (and Gypsy Queen). The cards I have available for trade are:

2013 Topps Series 2

Cut to the Chase
CTC-30 Henderson
CTC-36 Morgan
CTC-37 Pujols
CTC-38 Fielder
CTC-39 Cespedes
CTC-42 Dickey
CTC-46 Snider

Chase it Down
CD-2 Sandoval
CD-4 Heyward
CD-8 Headley

Making their Mark
MM-1 Cespedes
MM-5 Hellickson
MM-9 Skaggs
MM-10 Rosario
MM-16 Middlebrooks
MM-22 Darvish

World Baseball Classic
WBC-2 Rizzo
WBC-7 A Gonzalez

The Elite
TE-14 Posey
TE-15 Mays
TE-18 T Williams

Chasing History
CH-53 Weaver
CH-54 Rizzo
CH-55 Griffey Jr.
CH-56 Holliday
CH-57 Ripken
CH-58 Henderson
CH-59 Lynn
CH-62 McCovey
CH-65 G Carter
CH-67 Strasburg
CH-69 Koufax
CH-70 M Cabrera
CH-71 Posey
CH-72 C Gonzalez
CH-73 Cano
CH-76 Gwynn
CH-77 Clemente
CH-78 Trumbo
CH-83 Mays
CH-84 Rivera
CH-88 Verlander
CH-89 Strawberry
CH-90 Fielder
CH-94 Cobb
CH-97 Tulowitzki
CH-99 Wright

Silk Collection
Gio Gonzalez (#27/50)

Manufactured Patch Card
MCP-3 Jackie Robinson
MC-25 Cespedes

Commemerative Patch Card
CP-42 Carlos Gonzalez

Chasing History HOLOFOIL
CH-55 Griffey Jr.
CH-58 R Henderson
CH-59 Lynn
CH-66 A Gonzalez
CH-69 Koufax
CH-73 Cano
CH-78 Trumbo
CH-84 Rivera
CH-90 P Fielder
CH-91 Votto

Gold (#d to 2013)
346 (Hicks RC), 396 (Chapman), 358 (H Alvarez), 411 (J Guzman), 453 (Tulowitzki), 480 (Berkman), 518 (Reimold), 523 (W Rodriguez), 564 (Peguero RC), 601 (B Moss), 627 (Price), 648 (Straily), 649 (Hanigan)

Emerald Sparkle
342 (Dominguez), 389 (Hughes), 397 (Aviles), 484 (J Santana), 499 (B Butler), 502 (Corbin), 506 (Pettitte), 527 (Beltran), 548 (Lackey), 553 (Rutledge), 563 (Eovaldi), 571 (Melky Cabrera), 579 (LaRoche), 644 (Lavarnway), 650 (N Cruz)

Target Red Border
334 (Norris), 352 (T Hanson), 359 (Sabathia CL), 381 (W Peralta), 383 (Harrison), 386 (B Phillips), 387 (Segura), 394 (U Jimenez), 401 (Dempster), 405 (H Sanchez), 408 (Crisp), 416 (Lyles), 417 (Forsythe), 419 (M Moore), 426 (Pestaino), 442 (Leake), 447 (J Turner), 452 (Ibanez), 453 (Tulowitzki), 457 (Schierholtz), 460 (Doumit), 467 (Duensing), 470 (Francoeur), 473 (J Johnson), 475 (G Jones), 476 (Buck), 477 (Maholm), 478 (G Floyd), 482 (Bonifacio), 512 (Smoak), 514 (Papelbon), 515 (B Roberts), 516 (Infante), 517 (P Alvarez), 519 (Greinke), 533 (Hardy), 544 (Chatwood), 545 (A Presley) 549 (Street), 551 (W Castillo), 552 (Cervelli), 555 (Hanrahan), 562 (Marquis), 573 (I Stewart), 578 (B Jackson), 587 (Cain), 592 (Markakis), 593 (Loney), 599 (Carrasco), 600 (Rivera), 606 (Trumbo), 608 (Nolasco), 616 (Balfour), 619 (C Gomez), 622 (A Escobar), 624 (Ruggiero), 634 (Smyly), 636 (DeVries RC), 638 (Cashner), 647 (Dunn), 650 (N Cruz), 651 (G Blanco), 654 (B Barnes RC), 655 (S Perez), 656 (Diamond), 657 (De La Rosa), 658 (Freese)

2013 Topps Archives
Base- too many to list, but most are available for trade. If you need any, let me know.

2013 Archives Fan Favorite SP’s
202 (Greenwell)
203 (McClain)
214 (McGriff)
221 (H. Morris)
224 (Blair)
229 (Brooks)
239 (Parker)
242 (K Mitchell)
245 (Durham)

2013 Topps Archives 1983 All Stars
83-AP (Pujols)
83-CR (Ripken)
83-DE (Evans)
83-DJ (Jeter)
83-GB (Brett)
83-GS (Stanton)
83-JB (Bench)
83-JV (Verlander)
83-MC (Cabrera)
83-MT (Trout)
83-NR (Ryan)
83-RC (Cano)
83-RS (Sandberg)

2013 Topps Archives 1969 4-in-1 Stickers
BPDS (Baylor/Parker/Davis/Strawberry
CHNL (Coleman/Henderson/ Nixon/ Lofton)
GBRS (Gwynn/Boggs/Ripken/Sandberg)
MCWP (McCovey/Clark/Williams/Posey)
PDCP (Posey/Dickey/Cabrera/Price)
SKCK (Spahn/Koufax/Carlton/Kershaw)
TWGJ (Strawberry/Wilson/Gooden/Johnson)
THBK (Trout/Harper/Braun/Kemp)

2013 Topps Archives 1972 Basketball Stickers
72B-AM (McCutchen)
72B-CC (Sabathia)
72B-DW (Winfield)
72B-TS (Seaver)
72B-PF (Fielder)
72B-RJ (R. Jackson)

2013 Topps Archives Mini Tall Boys
MT-AR (Rizzo)
MT-CS (Sale)
MT-DB (Bichette)
MT-DC (Concepcion)
MT-DS (Stewart)
MT-KG (Gibson)
MT-KM (Mitchell)
MT-MS (Schmidt)
MT-ON (Nixon)
MT-RB (Braun)
MT-SS (Strasburg)
MT-WC (Clark)

2013 Topps Archives Stadium Club Triumvirate
T-1B Albert Pujols
T-2A Albert Belle
T-3A Cole Hamels
T-4A Edgar Martinez
T-4B Ken Griffey Jr.
T-5C Andy Pettitte
T-6C Manny Machado
T-7A Miguel Cabrera

2013 Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes
GH-DJ Derek Jeter

2013 Topps Archives Dual Fan Favorites
DFF-GJ Kirk Gibson-Austin Jackson

The cards I'm looking for can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/tradingforcards/home


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I can use the Jeter gallery of heroes, the stadium club pettitte, tall boys rizzo braun, strasburg, 4in1 THBK, and sps 203, 214,221,224,and 242

I have a thread with my archives tradelist here http://www.thebenchtrading.com/show...eavy-metal-autos-2013-topps-mvp-proven-mettle



Would you trade:

2013 Archives Gallery of Heroes Rivera
2013 Archives Gold Ryan Howard
2013 Archives Fan Favorite Auto Darren Daulton

2013 Archives Gallery of Heroes Jeter
2013 Archives Stadium Club Pettitte
2013 Archives Tall Boys Rizzo, Braun, Strasburg
2013 Archives 4-in-1 sticker THBK
2013 Archives 203, 214, 221, 224, 242

If so, please post trade, someone else was asking about Jeter GOH but hasn’t gotten back to me



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I could use the Strawberry and Henderson Chasing History and Heyward Chase It Down... I have a Heyward Sliding Stars, GQ base- 109, 148. Do you need Johan Santana Chasing History?


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Interested in these.

2013 Topps Series 2

Cut to the Chase
CTC-30 Henderson
CTC-36 Morgan
CTC-37 Pujols
CTC-39 Cespedes

Chasing History
CH-78 Trumbo
Chasing History HOLOFOIL
CH-55 Griffey Jr.
CH-58 R Henderson
CH-78 Trumbo
CH-91 Votto

Target Red Border
386 (B Phillips), 442 (Leake), 606 (Trumbo)

2013 Topps Archives 1983 All Stars
83-AP (Pujols)
83-MT (Trout)

2013 Topps Archives Stadium Club Triumvirate
T-1B Albert Pujols

I should have most if not all of your series two inserts.


David Eich

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I couldn't find to much on your wantlist except for 93 Pinnacle Jeter. I didn't see any lists for 2013 cards. But I did find a few more I need including Gold 319 Emerald 97,172,27 and Blue 102.

Do you have other wantlist items?