WTT 2015 Heritage Base & Inserts


5.00 star(s)

Busted 9 boxes so far of 2015 Topps Heritage have a ton of base and inserts for trade. Want to make these trades make sense for both sides in regards to shipping, so want to try keep min bv of $10 per trade. Common base BV=$0.40, RC base BV=$0.60 & star base BV=$1.00.
Wanting to trade for:
2015 Topps Heritage SP/Variations
2015 Topps Heritage Chrome/Purple Chrome/Refractors/Black Refractors

Also have 2015 Topps base, 2014 Bowman base and other sets, plus should have many of these Game used still

would be willing to trade for these as well:
2015 Topps Gold & Rainbow Foil
2008 Upper Deck Heroes #'d parallels
2010-now - #'d Triple Threads,Tribute,Museum Collection & Topps Pink,Black,Camo
2012-now - #'d Chrome Refractors(Topps Chrome,Bowman Chrome,Bowman Draft Chrome), Gypsy Queen #'d Parallels
2014-now - #'d Finest refractors, Bowman paper #'d parallels, Bowman Draft paper #'d parallels
2014-now - #'d Bowman Platinum,
2000-now - #'d Heritage parallels, Hall of Fame #'d cards.

Let me know your wants.

Thank you

Please Note: Due to work may not be able to get to any lists until the weekend.