WTT 2016 Topps

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I have these 2016 Topps for trade or sale ;
Black & White #211 Nick Ahmed, #138 F.Liriano, #62 Trayce Thompson RC
Vintage #283 Felix Hernandez /99
Vintage #156 Cameron Maybin /99
GU Jrsy #SRR-JM Mauer
GU Jrsy #SRR-MW Wacha
Autograph #SRA-JR JT Realmuto
POST Season Patch #PPR-TT Tulowitzki 61/100
Post Season Patch #PPR-RD RA Dickey 37/100
SSP #139 Yasiel Puig with Bat
Buyback Gold Label 1975 #370 Tom Seaver 1/1 Mets
Buyback Silver Label 1986 George Brett
Buyback Silver Label 1990 Mark McGwire
Buyback Silver Label 1985 Mike Schmidt
Rainbow Foil Parallels #2,8,11,17,18,19,20,23,35,38,42,44,50,55,56,57,62,63,64,65,68,71,72,79,80,81,82,86,87,88,94,95,99,102,108,114,116,120,121,123,124,126,130,131,132,133,134,137,138,140,141,142,144,152,153,161,162,166,169,172,174,179,180,181,183,185,186,187,194,201,203,207,208,211,212,213,216,217,226.229,235,238,239,247,252,255,27,261,264,268,271,272,276,277,278,281,292,295,299,305,307,313,315,316,
MLB Debut Medallions #MDM-WM Willie Mays, MDM-BRU Ruth, MDM-BP Buster Posey ,
MDM-JR Jackie Robinson, MDM-AM McCutchen, MDM-NC Cruz, MDM-AG A.Gonzalez
Silver Framed #102 Doug Fister 10/16
I also have various inserts from 2016 Topps to trade
send me a PM or email me at [email protected]
Looking for 2016 Topps Black,Pink, GU
also any year GU Jeter,Trout,Kris Bryant