WTT/F: 2008 Upper Deck Documentary (base, inserts, Gold)

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Hi Guys,
Moved some things around the house and came across a couple boxes that haven't gotten any attention in a while. I have a trade box full of 2008 Documentary base sorted by team.... let me fill in the gaps in your team set. I have many Kershaw RCs available, if that's your thing. I also have inserts, gold dupes and autographs from that set available.

Here's a link to my available singles or direct me to your want list... http://tribeheadquarters.zohosites.com/trade-2008-ud-documentary.html

I'm chasing the Gold parallels and I'm about halfway through that set (crazy? Yes.).
Here are my wants... http://tribeheadquarters.zohosites.com/want-baseball-2008.html

Let me know if you can help or if there's anything you need.



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Would you trade 628 base documentary Tim Hudson and 328 gold documentary Tim Hudson


B2B Molitor/Yount and mlb debut silver Paige in a pwe trade?

plmk thanks Stanley


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After a couple trades, I'm a dozen closer! This won't take much longer.... :)

Somebody has these rotting in their 2008 trade box.
Any help?


tom szczygiel

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Can you use any of these nice Indians ;
2008 UD Heroes Autograph Purple Parallel #54 Travis Hafner 2/5
2008 UD Heroes Dual GU Blaue Parallel #181 Eddie Murray/Prince Fielder /200
2008 Topps Update Black UH126 Ensberg 39/57
2008 Topps Update Black UH6 Yamis Haad 18/57
2008 Topps Gold Foil #63,181,231,554
2008 A&G Mini Bazooka #71 Carmona 5/25
2008 A&G Mini No Number Carmona , Victor Martinez
2008 Sweet Spot GU #SS-TH Hafner
2008 Sweet Spot GU #SS-GS Sizemore
2008 SP Legendary Cuts GU #DS-GS Sizemore
2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Black #51 Sabathia Strikeouts #14,84,125,139 all /25
2009 SP Authentic Parallel RC #144 Huff /99
2006 A&G Mini Autograph #AGA-TH Hafner
2006 Sweet Spot Autograph #145 Hafner 31/50
2006 UD Silver #153 Victor Martinez 25/25
2003 Donruss Studio Gold Proof #29 Victor Martinez 63/100
2005 Portraits Parallel #SP-72 Bob Feller 24/30
2007 Topps Coper #345 Borowski 24/56
2007 Topps Black 3472 Dellucci 33/56
2006 Topps Black #439 Broussard 8/55
2005 Topps Black #453 Millwood 29/54
2009 Topps Chrome Red Refractor #55 Hafner 8/99
2010 Bowman Platinum Green refractor Autograph #BPA-JH Jordan Henry /199
2010 Bowman Sterling Auto #25 C.Santana
2010 Bowman Sterling Refractor Auto #25 C.Santana /199
2010 Bowman Sterling Auto #43 Tomlin
2010 Bowman Sterling Auto #BSP-DP Pomeranz
2011 Topps Lineage Autograph Reprint RC #375 Fausto Carmona
2010 Bowman Draft Picks Black Plate 3BDP45 Jason Donald 1/1
2015 A&G Mini Red #117 Kluber 7/40
2015 A&G Mini Red #311 Brantley /40
2014 A&G Mini Red #8 Bob Feller 17/33
2014 A&G Ripped C.Santana 30/50 ( Mini card missing)
send me a email if you are interested in any [email protected]
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I just have this one - if you want to do a small PWE trade

2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold 2928 Gonzalez Adrian 1