WTT/WTS Lot of 2016 A&G

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5.00 star(s)
Have this lot of 2016 A&G

Sell for $40 dlvd

Trade for a couple of low end hof autos one one mid level

Base to trade
3,9,11,15,21,30,39,46,55,75,84,87,99,102 ,107,112,115,124,127,128,129,137,139,147 ,148,159,168,179,184,192,196,197,
203,207,217,222,227,236,250,252,257,260, 261,267,279,294,296

sp 320 (clemente.)
Have these to trade (full size)
Numbers game 12,14,18,18,19,,24,34,34,41,41,46,46,54, 67,67,69,69,76,76,88,88
Natural Wonders 5,5,7,7,9,12,14,14,19,19
Baseball Legends 1,16,18(mays),21(ripken),24(koufax)

Have these minis to trade
Ferocious Felines 13
Subways & Steetcars 9
Laurentes of Peace 9,7
US Mayors 3,23,35
A&G back 85,102,137,157,168,219,286
A&G back sp 330,337
Reg back 32,52,96,112,166,186,206,289,
Reg Back sp 314,340,341

thanks, John