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Thx Robh but I just sent mine out to NYBBNUTT, lmk on the adjustments I made to you to finalize asap thx Jim
I have all of these, so we could work a 3 way trade and save postage between you two for just a handfull of cards.
@robh @hociman - I already sent my PWE trade to hociman but if you two want to work a trade together go ahead. However, if hociman wants to trade other years with me and you, I’m open to it. However I need to recreate my ‘70 - ‘76 tradelists. Thanks Ron
I'm always open to trading that is what we do.
@robh keep our posts separate like you have done, I don't want to get confused
@NYBBNUTT all my needs and traders are on my site, once you recreate your 70-76 tradelists please send them to me, thx
I found some 74's for you and added some 74's from you.
Rob - I'm good with that trade and I've located all of the cards you want. I think there is enough to trade for now so I'll post it and get it out in the mail Monday. I now have '74-'76 Topps tradelists and I will post them and my wantlists for those years. Next I'll work on'73 Topps and so on.
Hey I have these:
263 and 557 - you can have them if you want them. No creases, probably at least VG-Ex, maybe a little more.
If you have anything from any of my posts great otherwise I'll send free. Or, if they don't meet requirements that's fine too!


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Rich - I have 2023 Topps #HRC-20 Stanton. PWE?
Also, I updated my 75 Topps upgrade list in post #1 after picking up a few at a recent show and noticing a few more that were somewhat beat up.
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