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I have these basketball schedules to trade for MLB schedules i don't have:
Year Front Back / Sponsor
94-95 Los Angeles Clippers KMPC 710 Talk
94-95 Washington Bullets Small Formal Wear
94-95 San Antonio Spurs H-E-B
94-95 Atlanta Hawks AT&T
94-95 Denver Nuggets AT&T
94-95 New York Knicks Bud Light
94-95 Utah Jazz Coors Light
94-95 Cleveland Cavaliers Revco
94-95 Boston Celtics Bank of Boston
94-95 Milwaukee Bucks Master Card/Visa
94-95 Philadelphia 76'ers Martz Lines
94-95 Portland Trailblazers US Bank
94-95 Sacramento Kings Health Net
94-95 Phoenix Suns Bank of America
94-95 Indiana Pacers Ticketmaster
94-95 New Jersey Nets White Castle
94-95 Chicago Bulls Carson Pirie Scott
94-95 Chicago Bulls Miller Genuine Draft
94-95 Houston Rockets Miller Light
94-95 Golden State Warriors Great Western Bank
94-95 Minnesota Timberwolves Prime Sports Network
95-96 New Jersey Nets Mobil Oil Company
93-94 Minnesota Timberwolves Miller Brewing Company
93-94 Sacramento Kings Bass Tickets
90-91 New Jersey Nets White Castle
92-93 New Jersey Nets Pick 6 Lotto
05-06 New Jersey Nets Unique Limousine
07-08 New Jersey Nets Dunkin' Donuts
93-94 Washington Bullets GIANT
92-93 Milwaukee Bucks Master Card/Visa

I have these baseball schedules to trade for MLB schedules I don't have:
Year Front Back / Sponsor
2014 Yankees (Derek Jeter) AT&T
2014 Yankees (Yogi Berra AT&T
2014 Yankees (Babe Ruth) AT&T
1986 Res Sox (Wade Boggs) NESN
2007 Mets (David Wright/Jose Reyes) Dunkin' Donuts
2002 Mets (Edgardo Alfonzo) JP Morgan Chase
1991 Mets (John Franco) MetLife
1990 Mets (Howard Johnson) MetLife
1985 Mets (Dwight Gooden) Bud Light
1984 Mets (Keith Hernandez/Darrel Strawberry) Budweiser
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