WTTF 1997 Upper Deck UD3

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Inserts: All but GN3, GN7, GN8, GN13, GN14

I just purchased two boxes and a few packs of this product I enjoyed as a kid.

I wanted to start this thread in case anyone has some to trade, wants to buy some packs, needs to complete their set, wants the inserts, etc.

LMK by a post or pm what you're looking for or if you have base to trade in case I end up short. Probably gonna try for two complete base sets here - so I'd be able to trade/sell one if someone is interested. Thanks!
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I do have an 97 UD3 Promotion card of Roger Clemens. LMK if interested. I would be looking for Roger Clemens I need. Thanks, Rich


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Thanks Larry!


Not trying to build a master set since no one seems to have these cards. I may have some Clemens you might be interested in, got a list?


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Larry! I super-collect Clemens and don't have a want list. I can help by telling u I do not need any commons prior to 2006. I do need various inserts/parallels from 96-present. No trade too small!! If u have a list, I surely would like to see it. Thanks, Rich


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I have these 7 for you:

25 - Ripken Jr.
27(2) - Nomo
29 - Smoltz
30(2) - Molitor
49 - Ordonez

You are free to check my various want lists.
Or if you can hit some of my remaining needs from 2015 Topps Update (I have plenty of these available for trade as well if you need any):

2015 Topps Update Base Wants -
US15, US18, US20, US22, US54, US56, US62, US74, US76, US78, US79, US84, US93, US97, US100, US109, US128, US170, US171, US173, US180, US184, US188, US191, US199, US209, US217, US221, US227, US232, US233, US247, US250, US251, US253, US258, US264, US270, US271, US272, US280, US281, US286, US292, US294, US301, US303, US310, US315, US317, US318, US320, US329, US333, US338, US345, US351, US353, US362, US363, US373, US374, US376, US381, US384, US386, US388, US391

2015 Topps Chrome Update Wants -
US144 Delino DeShields Jr. - Texas Rangers RC
US190 Shelby Miller - Atlanta Braves
US220 Addison Russell - Chicago Cubs RC
US257 Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers
US264 Brock Holt - Boston Red Sox
US395 Dexter Fowler - Chicago Cubs

2015 Topps Chrome Update Rookie Sensations Wants -
RSC-1 Hanley Ramirez - Florida Marlins
RSC-6 Nomar Garciaparra - Boston Red Sox
RSC-7 Troy Tulowitzki - Colorado Rockies
RSC-9 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
RSC-10 Fernando Valenzuela - Los Angeles Dodgers
RSC-11 Dwight Gooden - New York Mets
RSC-13 Jeff Bagwell - Houston Astros
RSC-17 Cal Ripken Jr. - Baltimore Orioles
RSC-22 Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals


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Will you be collecting the Promotion, Homerun Heroes, and Future Impact? I have 29 of these inserts with NO need for them.