WTTF 2008 All Star Stitches

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Jan 20, 2008
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Trying to complete the entire set. The BOLD ones are the ones that I already have. Need the NON-BOLD ones. Thanks.

EDIT: Set Completed. Thanks to all those who helped.
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I have the Lidge and the Saunders. Any Joe Nathan or Granderson to trade? Or other players in my signature?
Hi, I have Topps All Star Stitches #AS-CL Cliff Lee you need.
I collect these;
09 Topps Black Parallels /58
09 Topps Rookie Redemptions
09 Topps Sketch 1/1
09 Allen Ginter Mini No Number
email me at [email protected] Thanks Tom
Trying to complete the entire set. The BOLD ones are the ones that I already have. Need the NON-BOLD ones. Thanks.

* = incoming

· AS-AC Aaron Cook
· AS-AG Adrian Gonzalez

· AS-AP Albert Pujols
· AS-AR Aramis Ramirez
· AS-AER Alex Rodriguez
· AS-AS Alfonso Soriano
· AS-BL Brad Lidge
· AS-BM Brian McCann
· AS-BS Ben Sheets
· AS-WW Billy Wagner
· AS-BTW Brandon Webb
· AS-CG Cristian Guzman
· AS-CAG Carlos Guillen
· AS-CH Corey Hart

· AS-CJ Chipper Jones
· AS-CL Cliff Lee
· AS-CM Carlos Marmol
· AS-CQ Carlos Quentin
· AS-CU Chase Utley
· AS-CZ Carlos Zambrano
· AS-DH Dan Haren
· AS-DN Dioner Navarro
· AS-DO David Ortiz
· AS-DP Dustin Pedroia
· AS-DU Dan Uggla
· AS-DW David Wright
· AS-EL Evan Longoria
· AS-ES Ervin Santana

· AS-EV Edinson Volquez
· AS-FR Francisco Rodriguez
· AS-GPS Geovany Soto
· AS-GFS George Sherrill

· AS-GS Grady Sizemore
· AS-HR Hanley Ramirez
· AS-IK Ian Kinsler
· AS-IS Ichiro
· AS-JC Joe Crede
· AS-JCD Justin Duchscherer
· AS-JD J.D. Drew
· AS-JH Josh Hamilton
· AS-JM Joe Mauer
· AS-JN Joe Nathan
· AS-JP Jonathan Papelbon
· AS-JES Joe Saunders
· AS-JS Joakim Soria
· AS-JV Jason Varitek
· AS-KF Kosuke Fukudome
· AS-KW Kerry Wood
· AS-KY Kevin Youkilis
· AS-LB Lance Berkman
· AS-MB Milton Bradley
· AS-MH Matt Holliday
· AS-MR Manny Ramirez
· AS-MSR Mariano Rivera
· AS-MT Miguel Tejada
· AS-MY Michael Young
· AS-NM Nate McLouth
· AS-RB Ryan Braun
· AS-RD Ryan Dempster
· AS-RH Roy Halladay
· AS-RL Ryan Ludwick
· AS-RM Russ Martin
· AS-SK Scott Kazmir
· AS-TL Tim Lincecum
I have the AROD f/t
looking for tim lincecum and sf giants
in return
The only linceys and giants I have are rookies and parallels. My bucket is also open if you want to take a look.
have this one
AS-JCD Justin Duchscherer

I can use the Hansack Xfrac.....any other Boston stuff you can add in?
I have this.

AS-EV Edinson Volquez

Got anything I collect?