WTTF: 2010 Topps USA Autographs & Relics


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Trying to build the master set again that I once started and sold off. I don't need any of the base cards.

I'm looking for the relics, autos, and patches.

Please check my Flickr for what I currently have for trade.

tom szczygiel

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I have these 2010 Topps USA for sale or trade for Jeter,Trout,Kris Bryant for my grandsons;
18U RED Auto #A-11 Francisco Lindor 68/99
18U Auto #A-14 John Simms
18U Auto #A-21 Tyler Anderson
18U Auto #A-28 Sonny Gray
Triple GU Patches ( all thick ones ) Autograph #USAAR- FL Francisco Lindor 32/50
Triple GU Jrsys Autograph #USAAR-BMO Brett Mooneyham /219
Triple GU Jrsys #USAR-BMO Brett Mooneyham
Triple GU Jrsys #USAR-KW Kyle Winkler

2010 Bowman Platinum USA
GU Jrsy Auto Refractor #PAR-KW Kyle Winkler /740
GU Jrsy Auto Refractor #PAR-SR Sean Rodriquez /740
GU Jrsy Auto Refractor #PAR-NR Nick Ramirez /740
Dual Autographs Refractors #BPDA-JM Brian Johnson/Brett Mooneyham 85/99
GU Jrsy 2 colors Auto Green Refractor #PAR-BM Brad Miller /199
GU Jrsy 2 Colors Auto Green Refractor #PAR-SG Sean Gilmartin /199
GU Jrsy 2 Colors Auto Green Refractor #PAR-SR Steve Rodriquez /199
GU Jrsy 3 colors Auto Green Refractor #PAR-SM Scott McGough /199
send me a PM or email me at ryan4sale@aol.com