WTTF 2012 Bowman Platinum Gold Refractors #d to 50 and Red #d to 25

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 13, 2002
2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Gold Refractors #d to 50 Want List... (37/100 so far)
Trade for any EXCEPT
1(Matt Adams-04/50), 3(Banuelos-30/50), 5(Bettis-11/50), 11(Erlin-10/50),
14(Robbie Grossman-01/50), 19(Brett Jackson-20/50), 21(Taylor Lindsey-39/50),
22(Liriano-30/50), 26(Wil Middlebrooks-13/50), 28(Montgomery-48/50),
29(Odorizzi-17/50), 35(Profar-49/50), 36(Rosario-36/50), 37(K Walker-44/50),
42(T Skaggs-28/50), 47(Webster-48/50), 49(Yelich-24/50), 50(Hutchison-47/50),
52(AJ Cole-3/50), 53(Marisnick-38/50), 54(Nick Franklin-09/50), 56(Familia-20/50),
57(Tim Wheeler-46/50), 60(Sampson-34/50), 62(B Dozier-50/50), 63(Lamb-15/50),
68(Yorman Rodriguez-04/50), 70(T Pastornicky-05/50), 72(B Jacobs-12/50) 73(Kevin Matthews-16/50),
74(Hager-27/50), 75(Sean Buckley-21/50), 85(Javier Baez-19/50), 87(Hellweg-27/50),
89(Nash-36/50), 91(Heath Hembree-44/50), 99(Valle-47/50)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Gold Refractors #d to 50 Dupes to trade
11(Erlin-36/50), 14(Grossman-15/50), 28(Montgomery-26/50), 37(K Walker-24/50), 68(Yorman Rodriguez-39/50), 75(Buckley-42/50)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Red Refractors #d to 25…. (22/100 so far)
Trade for any EXCEPT
4(Bauer-02/25), 5(Bettis-13/25), 8(Mike Choice-17/25), 12(Wilmer Flores-14/25),
25(Trevor May-23/25), 34(M Perez-21/25), 43(Amarista-9/25), 50(Hutchison-15/25),
58(Galvez-14/25), 59(Catricala-14/25), 63(Lamb-8/25), 67(T Thornburg-09/25),
73(Kevin Matthews-18/25), 74(J Hager-18/25), 77(Julio Rodriguez-01/25),
78(Sonny Gray-13/25), 79(Blash-25/25), 81(Jason Cosart-10/25), 85(Javier Baez-23/25), 87(Hellweg-20/25), 88(Chad James-15/25), 96(M Davidson-12/25)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Red Refractors #d to 25 Dupes to trade
5(Bettis-20/25), 58(Galvez-8/25), 79(Blash-24/25), 81(Jason Cosart-18/25)
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