WTTF 2014 Topps Update 1989 Mini's


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Looking to trade for the following cards to complete this set.

TM-AG Adrian Gonzalez - Los Angeles Dodgers
TM-AJ Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles
TM-AM Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates
TM-AR Alexei Ramirez - Chicago White Sox
TM-BH Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
TM-CB Clay Buchholz - Boston Red Sox
TM-CD Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles
TM-CG Carlos Gonzalez - Colorado Rockies

TM-CKI Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta Braves
TM-DJE Desmond Jennings - Tampa Bay Rays
TM-DJT Derek Jeter - New York Yankees
TM-DO David Ortiz - Boston Red Sox
TM-DW David Wright - New York Mets
TM-EE Edwin Encarnacion - Toronto Blue Jays
TM-GM Greg Maddux - Atlanta Braves
TM-GSP George Springer - Houston Astros
TM-GST Giancarlo Stanton - Miami Marlins
TM-IK Ian Kinsler - Detroit Tigers
TM-IR Ivan Rodriguez - Houston Astros
TM-JA Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox
TM-JC Jarred Cosart - Houston Astros x2
TM-JE Jacoby Ellsbury - New York Yankees
TM-JH Jason Heyward - Atlanta Braves
TM-JM Joe Mauer - Minnesota Twins
TM-JV Joey Votto - Cincinnati Reds
TM-LG Luis Gonzalez - Arizona Diamondbacks
TM-MCI Matt Cain - San Francisco Giants
TM-MSC Max Scherzer - Detroit Tigers
TM-OV Omar Vizquel - Cleveland Indians
TM-PF Prince Fielder - Texas Rangers

TM-PG Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks

TM-RA Roberto Alomar - Baltimore Orioles
TM-RB Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers
TM-RC Robinson Cano - Seattle Mariners
TM-RH Roy Halladay - Philadelphia Phillies
TM-TT Troy Tulowitzki - Colorado Rockies
TM-VG Vladimir Guerrero - Texas Rangers
TM-VM Victor Martinez - Detroit Tigers
TM-YD Yu Darvish - Texas Rangers
TM-YS Yangervis Solarte - New York Yankees

Check out the following link for cards for trade.


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Have the following:
Minis (tm-xx):
Aj adam jones
Cb clay buchholz
Cd chris davis
Cg carlos Gonzalez
Ir ivan Rodriguez
Pg paul Goldschmidt


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Lmk what you need for them.


Would be interested in any combo of the following:
Phil Hughes:
08 UD Heroes Green #113
11 A/G Hometown heroes HH47
14 Topps Walmart Blue #541

Joba chamberlain:
11 A/G Hometown Heroes HH43

Kirby Puckett:
02 Donruss All time DK ATDK #7 1888/2500

Topps opening day blue #50 798/2012

08 bowman chrome refractors #96
08 UD x Die Cut #68

Most interested in the Puckett. Thanks.


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I could probably fit a GSP Springer, OV Vizquel, and a PF Fielder in a PWE for something in a Cubs parallel.

Feel free to check out this site


Have several 2014 Topps Update Wal-Mart Blue parallels i can check thru, i know there are 3 or 4 different Cubs in there



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I'd do it for the 2013 Bowman Chrome BCP113 Addison Russell refractor and the 2014 Bowman Soler BM-CC4. Post if good.