WTTF: 2016 Topps Heritage. Base/Inserts/SPs

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Trading for these 2016 Topps Heritage. May be interested in items not on this list as well. Have a large trade list in my signature you can look through. Happy Trading!

Base - 16,183,270,324,353

SPs - 456,486
Action Variation -Any
Color Swap Variation - Any
Throwback Variation - Any

Chrome /999 - Let Me Know What You Have
Chrome Refractor /567 - Let Me Know What You Have
Purple Refractor - Let Me Know What You Have
Base Mini /100 - Let Me Know What You Have
1967 Bazooka Minis - Any

Real One Autos - Henry Owens, Pablo Sandoval
Clubhouse Collection Relics - David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez, Rick Porcello
'67 Mint Coins - Any Red Sox
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tom szczygiel

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Do you need any of these Red Sox
2016 Topps Heritage SP #438 Ortiz
2016 Topps Buyback 1993 Topps #4 Clemens Silver Logo, 1989 Topps #450 Clemns Silver Logo
2016 Topps MLB Medallion #MDM-BRU Ruth
2014 Topps All Star GU #ASR-KU Uehara
2013 Topps Update Camo US84 Drew, US108 Kalish both /99
2007 Topps Update Copper UH242 Manny Ramirez 38/56
2012 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor #109 Youkilis 15/50
2008 Topps Update Black US99 Ortiz/Ramirez 54/57
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