WTTF 2019/20 NBA Hoops


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The Zion is $10.00 Making BV for you $26.80 and me $21.00 would happen to have these 2019-20 Hoops 131 211 299 need those to finish off my set.

If we take the Judge out of the deal, that would put it as $21.80 v. $21.00 - would that work? And unfortunately, don't have any of the last 3 you are looking for, sorry.


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I will take a look tomorrow and figure it out. Thanks.

Excellent - what are you looking for in return. Any chance you still have the #12 card from 2018/19 Panini Contenders? you had it listed a while back, prior to me flaking out and being unable to commit to any deals....

I don't have that anymore.