WTTF 2020 Gypsy Queen Sp's...WTT 2020 S1,Heritage, GQ


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Want to trade for 2020 Gypsy Queen

My 2020 Gypsy Queen needs
sp's 302,309,312,313,316,318,319

2020 Gypsy Queen FT

Trading these base in your favor for sp's

301(ruth), 308(clemente)
312 sosa logo swap

Rookie Cards (RC)
26(morejon), 34(alzolay), 68(arozarena), 74(zeuch), 91(brown x2), 171(chang),173(yamamoto), 260(Collins x2)
Chrome 113 Puk
No Name 286 (Leyba)
Logo swap 220(Marvel), 229(Clase)

Not sure about trading these, but will consider offers from my wantlist
Bichette rc #17 green
Robert base rc #122

Inserts & Parallels
blue border #/150 11,179
logo swap 8,136,163
chrome 162(sanchez), 250(verlander)
blue border chrome 61(bell #/99),
tarot 13(springer)
fortune teller mini 11(guerrero, jr x2), 18(meadows), 20(judge x2)

2020 Topps S1 FT

base 9,14,18,21,25,30,41,44,48,53,54,55,57,58,59,72,77,80,84,89,95,100,102,106,117,118,119,130,132,135,
287,288,296,298,304,305,306,311,315,319,321,323,324,343,346, 349

Rookie Cards (RC)
38(Nola), 56(Munzo),110(Luzardo),166(Solak),235(May), 273(Abreu)

sp 175 f thomas
decade's best 71 pedro
rookie card retro rc logo medallion ha aaron
turkey red 3,68,71,78,84,88
turkey red rc Aquino tr-93
topps chrome turkey red 81 Yadier Molina
Hoskins 10

2020 Topps Heritage FT

candlestick park 1965 mays #15
base 9,28,32,36,49,55,67,70,90,114,128 ,168,172,179,180,197,204,205,210,222,228 ,235,247,

Rookie Cards (no "RC" on card, but listed in Beckett as rc's)
52 (Bichette/Kay Blu Jays), 121 (Alzolay/Hoerner Cubs)

Let's trade, John
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You have any recent Mattingly cards from 2020? Gleyber 2020? Harper 2020?

The only 2020 product I have is GQ

No 2020 of those guys. Need any of these mattingly (I'll have to check and make sure I have them if you're interested)

Don Mattingly
2013 , gypsy queen 160, topps mini tm-83, topps a&g across the years aty-dm
2009 goudey sports royalty 224
2008 donruss threads 35, baseball heroes 125, 176 (w/boggs), 190 (w/winfield, reggie)
1996 collector's choice 237,237, pinnnacle 157,157,99, stadium club 73, ud 154
1995 uc3 139, stadium club 212, score 239,564, select101, fleer 76, donruss 55(x3), collector's choice 100
1994 o pee chee 54, pinnacle 23, ultra 400, donruss special edition 60
1993 ud 47,134(x2), o pee chee premier 46, triple play action baseball 19(x2)
1992 studio 216(x3)

BTW...have a 2007 sportkings mattingly auto/gued gold...no ser # but only 10 produced, bv $120. If interested, I collect mlb hof on card autos


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I have all those Mattingly cards and I dont have any HOF on card autos

Just send me your address and I'll get the GQ out to you