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WTTF 2020 Topps Update


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So I received a box yesterday, and for once wasn't too upset with the collation. One box generated an almost complete set, only missing 4 cards and only about a dozen or so duplicates. Although I pulled 2 Topps Gold, I Also didn't get a single numbered card or parallel/SP. Needless to say, usually I do a second set, but with the scarcity and cost of this with minimal return, I have a feeling this will be a one and done set. I will go back to working my way backwards on the second sets to use up my doubles.

Here is what I need for 2020 Topps Update:

215*, 232*, 247, 254*

* - inbound

Here are the doubles that I pulled that are available. I also have a ton (literally) of other Topps base years.

69, 78, 81, 102, 122, 165, 167, 185, 201, 230, 238, 248, 249, 271, 282, 291

I also need a few Series 1 and 2 cards for my second set:

2020 Topps Series 1: #208

2020 Topps Series 2#365, 461, 527, 533, 571, 651, 659

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