WTTF baseball/football GU or autos


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I have these for trade:
Anybody use these for football/baseball GU/autos or 09 Commerative Patches,12 retired #'s or Stitches that I need for my set.
George Sotiropoulos (blue mat) 11 UFC Title Shot UFC 116 Fight Mat Relic #FM-GS
Phil Pfister (teal) 12 Allen & Ginter Framed Relic #AGR-PP
America’s Most Wanted (grey) 04 Pacific TNA Authentic Mat card SN#1362/1525 #1
JBL Vs. Batista (grey) 06 Topps Heritage Chrome Ringside Relics NNO
JBL Vs. Batista (grey) 05 Topps Heritage Regular Ringside Relics NNO
Booker T vs. Christian (grey) 05 Topps Heritage Regular Ringside Relics NNO
Natalya (black) 14 Topps WWE Shirt Relic NNO
Dwayne De Rossa (red) 10 Upper Deck Soccer MLS Materials #M-DD
Lisa De Vanna (red) 10 Upper Deck Soccer WPS Materials #W-LD
Brian Herman (white) Press Pass 8 Seconds Rider Used Relic #RR-BH1

2011 American Pie Relics:
Butch Patrick (black) #APR-25
Louis Anderson (red) #APR-37
Jimmie Walker (grey) #APR-8
Vincent Pastore (red)#APR-33