WTTF Cardinals A&G Minis, Large Mini Trade List

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5.00 star(s)
I'm looking to trade for Cardinals A&G minis I need. I'm looking for base, A&G backs and black boarders. I will trade 1.25-1.3x in your favor (i.e., you have $10 in cards I need, I will trade back $12.50-$13.00).

My spreadsheet on Google Docs has three worksheets:
--A&G Minis to Trade - everything I have available (NBB = non-baseball cards)
--A&G Mini Want List - everything I'm looking for from '06 to '15. If it says "HAVE" I don't need it.
--Other Minis to Trade - mix of Goodwin, 206 & Gypsy Queen I have to trade.