WTTF Classic Trivia sets 1987-92

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Matt Page

4.90 star(s)
Apr 17, 2004
Huntington Beach, CA
Classic Trivia Game sets from 1987-93. These have S, D, T, HR, R on the back. No Draft Pick Cards. You may take out the game boards to save on shipping. The first card of the set, not necessarily #1, is listed as a hint.
1987 Classic Game (green border, #1 Pete Rose)
1987 Classic Update Yellow (#101 Mike Schmidt)
1988 Classic Blue (#201 Eric Davis/Dale Murphy)
1988 Classic Red (#151 Mark McGwire/Don Mattingly)
1989 Classic Light Blue (#1 Orel Hershiser)
1989 Classic Travel Orange (#100 Gary Sheffield)
1989 Classic Travel Purple (#151 Jim Abbott)
1990 Classic Update (pinkish/reddish, #T1 Gregg Jefferies)
1991 Classic II (Cranberry Red border, #T1 Ken Griffey Jr.)
1992 Classic Game (#1 Chuck Finley)
1992 Classic II (red/blue #1 Jim Abbott)