WTTF: Ichiro Refractors/SP/Parallels


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Do you have any HOF RCs to trade for them? LMK. Thanks!!


Unfortunately I do not

I am interested in these from your COMC site:

2019 Topps Mini #228 Devers /10
2019 Topps '84 Design Mini #44 Bryant /25
and possibly a few others


I'm not sure how to make a trade from COMC, but I would like to trade the Devers numbered to 10 toward some lower numbered Ichiro's

Need any of these?
2004 Upper Deck MVP Ichiro Talk of the Town
2005 Zenith Ichiro retail-Z-Silver #3
2012 Triple Play Ichiro #191 piece 2 of 9
2012 Triple Play Ichiro #195 piece 6 of 9
2016 Bowman's Best Ichiro refractor #57
2016 Topps Ichiro Chasing 3K #3000-28 , #3000-2
2016 Topps Chrome Perspectives #PC9 Ichiro
2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Ichiro Blue Frame #10
2017 Topps Gallery Masterpiece #10 Ichiro
2018 Topps Chrome Update International Affair Ichiro
2018 Topps Gypsy Queen Missing Black Plate #35 Ichiro
2019 Topps High Tek BASE: Ichiro
2017 Topps High Tek Ichiro Pattern 2B #HT-I and Ichiro Pattern 3B

LMK Looking for anything to add to any of my PCs (Ripken, Mauer, Twins refractors, RCs, or possible trade bait)

Unfortuantely I already have the 2004 MVP and 2005 Zenith, and not really looking for the newer stuff at the moment.