WTTF my 126 card list below for one of 4 cards

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Jun 28, 2006
boynton beach, florida
Title says it all. Will send you everything that appears on the list below for one of the following 4 cards. All cards are in nrmt-mint unless noted.

For one of these:
2015 topps heritage high number SP 725 bryant
2013 topps heritage 430 trout
2012 topps 661 harper (any variation)
2012 topps us299 harper SP (suit only)

You get all of these:
2015 topps chrome blue refractor 135 moss
2015 bowman RRI- jg gonzalez, cb baerga, ma alou, mg grissom
2015 bowman mini ffm- dr robertson, jn nicolino
2015 bowman silver ice bp57 witte
2015 donruss longball leaders 7 cron
2014 topps heritage then and now KD koufax/darvish
2014 topps 89 mini TM-48 darvish
2014 topps power players PPA-MTA tanaka, PPA-YV ventura
2014 topps chrome MB-51 heaney
2014 topps chrome orange refractor 203 nelson RC
2014 topps spring fever SF-35 myers, 38 darvish
2014 bowman blue wave refractor BCP48 gretzky
2014 bowman 89 bowman is back MA, FH, WM
2014 bowman chrome mini (BM-) A1, A3, AB2, AD3, DT3, HA2, HA5, MB1, PP2, SDP3, SM5
2014 bowman state & hometown 41, 171, bp3, bp14, bp48
2013 topps franchise forerunner FF1 ryan, 5 myers, 8 koufax
2013 topps chasing history CH80 darvish
2013 topps chasing history gold CH80 darvish
2013 topps chasing the dream cd-19 darvish
2013 topps making their mark mm-21, 22, 37, 42
2013 topps chrome 73 rosenthal RC, 199 darvish, MB-47yelich RC
2013 topps chrome refractor 178, 182
2013 topps archives 27 machado RC
2013 finest 64 rendon RC
2013 heritage mem. moments MM-PF, FH
2013 heritage new age perf. AM-CK, YD
2013 heritage then & now TN-Clemente Posey
2013 topps gypsy queen 103 rosenthal RC
2013 bowman top 100 BTP-40 gyorko, 86 cron
2013 bowman chrome green refractor 96 j. upton
2013 bowman chrome blue wave refractor 31 gyorko, TP-29 guerreri, TP-35 montgomery, BDPP10 peterson
2013 bowman refractor TP-3 m. williams
2013 bowman chrome cream crop mini CC-BO4 hoes, NYM2 wheeler, OA4 gray, SDP1 gyorko
2013 bowman chrome 139 rosenthal RC, 217 c. martinez RC
2013 bowman silver slate 127 odorizzi RC, 128 hoes RC, bp36 peraza, bp44 m. johnson, bp72 bethancourt
2013 bowman blue paper parallel #'d to 500 128 hoes, BDPP20 moran
2013 bowman state & hometown 171 rodriguez , bp72 bethancourt, bp95 quinn
2013 bowman gold 83 profar RC
2013 bowman 5 rendon RC, bdpp15 c. frazier, bdpp15 c. frazier, tp-22 syndergaard, tp-22 syndergaard
2013 bowman platinum 87rosenthal RC
2013 bowman platinum BPCP87heaney
2013 bowman platinum top prospects TP-MW williams, NS syndergaard, WM myers
2013 bowman platinum sapphire 90 gyorko
2013 bowman platinum gold 19 upton, 56 darvish, 91 ruf
2013 bowman purple BPCP18guerreri, BPCP48 cowart, BPCP71 choice
2013 bowman platinum cutting edge CES-CC cron
2012 topps gold 184 rosario RC
2012 topps wal-mart blue us273 y. molina
2012 topps us179 adams RC
2012 topps minors 24 yelich, 215myers, 215myers, 215myers
2012 topps golden greats GG-80 mattingly
2012 topps blockbusters BB-14 darvish, BB-23 ichiro
2012 topps opening day superstar celeb. SC-7 hosmer
2012 bowman 23 adams RC, 50 darvish RC, bp108 c. martinez, bdpp12 heaney, bdpp12 heaney
2012 bowman top picks TP-PH parker/heaney
2012 bowman chrome futures game yelich FG-CY
2012 bowman chrome franchise all stars FAS-SF stanton fernandez
2012 bowman platinum purple BPP80 myers
1964 topps 137 world series game 2 fair (4 soft corners)
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Are any of the cards just listed as numbers either Stephen Strasburg or Billy Hamilton cards? Because you have a few on here I would be willing to buy that aren't of those players, and I'd like to get as much out of these purchase as possible.
Thanks for the interest.
The 2014 toppschrome topps shelf is strasburg
2013 topps mini 1972 t-m91 strasburg
2013 topps mini 1971 tm-45 strasburg

No Hamiltons on this list. My girl is a Cincy girl and likes Hamilton
2015 bowman silver 60 hechavarria 491/499
The 2014 toppschrome topps shelf is strasburg
2013 topps mini 1972 t-m91 strasburg
2014 bowman chrome refractor BCP48 gretzky #'d 065/500
2014 bowman silver 190 gyorko #'d 17/75
2014 donruss stat line 256 cron 090/247
2015 topps heritage chrome #'d to 999: 702 upton, 715 fowler
2003 fleer ultra photo effex 11 of 20 c. jones
2003 topps hobby masters HM19 c. jones
2000 bowman early indicators E6 c. jones

Could you do all of these for 5 bucks delivered?
accepted. Thanks. I'll try and send over the Paypal tonight. I've been having issues with Paypal as of late, so I will PM you after I send it to verify you received it.