WTTF: Silver coins, All of my cards for trade for these!


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Hi everyone!

I'm looking to trade any of my sportcards for silver US coins. I have a Krause coin price guide so I can consider non-US silver coins as well.

Please note that I have a lot more cards to trade than is in my bucket. So, if you have any of these coins to trade, please contact me and I will let you know what I have.

Thanks for considering my request!


Some of the cards for trade:
2004 SPx Swatch Supremacy Signatures Young Stars #MC Miguel Cabrera AU MEM SER 999 $50.00 Marlins
2004 Ultimate Collection Signatures #PO Johnny Podres/99 $25.00 Dodgers
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Marks of Fame Autograph Swatch Double #MF53 Cal Ripken JK-P/25 $150.00 Orioles
2005 Biography Cal Ripken HR Autograph #69 Cal Ripken $150.00 Orioles
2005 Donruss Signature Autograph Material Combo Silver #17 C.Rip Bat-Pants T2/100 $120.00 Orioles
2008 Sweet Spot Signatures Red Stitch Black Ink #SRS2 Ryne Sandberg AU SER 265 $50.00 Cubs
2014 Bowman Inception Prospect Autographs Gold #PAFL Francisco Lindor AU SER 99 $80.00 Indians
2016 Topps Tier One Autograph Relics #AT1RMM Manny Machado AU MEM SER 99 $100.00 Orioles
2017 Bowman's Best Best of '17 Autographs Green Refractors #B17CC Carlos Correa ser 99 $80.00 Astros
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I have a lot of other autos not listed in the first post to trade for these. If you have them, contact me to see if I have anything you need.

Thanks, Jeff