WTTF some 70s and 80s baseball

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5.00 star(s)
Dec 2, 2002
Please note condition requirements. I have a lot to trade in return.

1974 Topps (second set) (02/11/16) (at least ExMt, no creases, no writing)

126 CL 203 LL (Jackson/Stargell) 207 LL (Ryan/Seaver) 338 AS (Jackson/Williams)

1974 Topps first set upgrades to NM needed: 658

1974 Topps Team Checklists (10/20/14) (at least ExMt, UNMARKED please)

These are the ones with the red borders.

With one asterisk at the bottom on the back: ATL, BOS, CHC, TEX
With two asterisks at the bottom on the back: KC, SD

1975 Topps MINIS (not the regular sized cards) (at least ExMt, no creases, no writing, nice corners)

Upgrades: 18 80 111 307 361 487 557 647



1976 Topps second set (at least ExMt, no creases, good corners, unmarked CL)

70 Smalleys 277 Cubs CL 350 Grove 504 Pirates CL 531 Mets CL 545 Lyle 600 Seaver 629 Alomar

1978 Topps second set (ExMt/NrMt or better) (low priority)

159 Pinella, 282 Yankees CL

1981 Donruss (ExMt/NrMt or better)

56A Garvey "Surpassed 25 HR", 261A Ruhle Photo Ken Forsch, 326B Thomas "30 HR" is third line on back, 457A Tudor Lifetime W-L 9.7, 601B #51 is Donohue, 603B #306 is Matthew

1981 Fleer Stickers second set (NrMt or better)

87 R. Smith 111 Kingman

1982 Topps second set (NrMt-Mt or better)

7 Sanderson 666 Tigers TL

1983 Donruss second set (NrMt-Mt or better)

258 Yount 277 Sandberg 284 Reuss 338 Brett 409 John

1984 Fleer second set (NrMt-Mt or better)

125 Gossage

1985 Fleer second set (NrMt-Mt or better)

93 Strawberry 123 Cerone 151 Boggs 155 Clemens 286 Puckett 492 Langston 641 Ripkens

I would like to trade for a bunch of them at once, but please let me know what you have.

I also have needs in Hostess and Kellogg's from the '70s so please check my webpage for those wantlists if you can help.