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WTTF Star Wars Cosmic Shell cards by Winn Dixie


5.00 star(s)
Probably a Southern thing but I am looking for some of these cards that Winn Dixie gave out in January promoting the newest Star Wars movie. They are octagon in shape, I am listing what I have for trade too.

R2D2 3
Maz Kanata 14
Slave I 34
Jawa 52
Kylo Ren 64
Snoke 69

For Trade:
Millenium Falcon 9
Constable Zuvio 18
Elite Squad 27
Death Star 35
Wicket W. Warrick 46
Tauntaun 49
Wampa 51
Jar Jar Binks 53
Rose 60
Finn 11
Jakku 15
Finalizer 29
Darth Sidious 44
Bobba Fett 45
Jabba the Hutt 48
Rey 56
Poe Dameron 58
Porgs 63
Obi Wan Kenobi 42
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