WTTF Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens

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Hi all,
Im still looking for a few inserts I need.Here are my haves and wants:

Cloth Stickers:1 2 6
Foil Cards: F9
Blue Prints: 1 5

These are the inserts I have to trade:

Foil: F-4 Finn (x2)
F-5 Kylo Ren
Power of the First Order: FO-3 Stormtrooper
FO-6 Kylo Ren's Shuttle
Character Stickers: S-7 Chewbacca
S-13 Snowtrooper
Behind The Scenes: #9 The Score of John Williams

Concept Art: CA-1 A Quite Familiar X-Wing
CA-3 The Imperial AT-AT
CA-5 Luke Skywalker's Recovery
CA-9 Rise of Darth Vader (x2)
Wal-Mart Family Legacy(Matte)
FL-5 Bail Organa/Princess Leia Organa(x 3)
FL-8 Satine Kryze/Bo-Katan Kryze (x2)
FL-9 Jabba The Hutt/Rotta The Hutt (x2)
I have 2 Slime Green Parallels:
#97 The First Order
# 110 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Also have 40 blue base cards if anyone still may need any certain numbers.