WTTF Tar Heels -B Johnson/Paige/Meeks/Hicks/Bradley/J Jackson

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Apr 29, 2008
Now that the draft is complete, once the new basketball starts coming out - want to trade for UNC products Brice Johnson (Clippers) and Marcus Paige (Nets).

I will be buying some basketball this year, should have lots of tradebait. Autos of both will be a high priority.

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looks like the 16/17 hoops cards are starting to get advertised for release - bumping this up. Will trade for as many cards of these two players as I can. Thanks.
My first box of basketball will be arriving in the next couple weeks - will be looking to trade for Brice/Marcus. Will take as many of each of their cards as I can get. Thanks.
Got my first box of basketball a couple weeks ago - finally opened. Disappointed that 30+% of the cards were damaged, including a Brice Johnson RC - will be sending them all back to Panini for replacement.

Will get the break sorted and posted - in the meantime, anyone else who is busting basketball, all my basketball is for trade for Brice Johnson RC's and Marcus Paige RC's. Thanks.
I do have either of those rookies haven't bought 2016-17 basketball. Do u like anyone else in fb, bsk or baseball or maybe I can buy your twolves

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I believe I have Brice Johnson Hoops RC. And maybe some Donruss.

Got any Westbrook?
I believe I have Brice Johnson Hoops RC. And maybe some Donruss.

Got any Westbrook?

I do have some Westbrook. Assuming I will get a some more when I bust open a box of Donruss next week - If you can put them to the side for me, I will see what I can find Westbrook wise. Thanks.
I need them all except the Donruss base.

I can use all the Johnson/Paige that you have - going to guess the press proof is a bit more in terms of BV than the two Heels? Throw in a couple of Steph Curry base from this year and call it a deal? Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Have picked up quite a few of the base - hoping to start picking up some of the parallels. Plenty of hoops to trade.
With the Tar Heels winning the title last night, seems like a decent enough reason to bump this up. Still looking for base, but would love to start getting some of the parallels and other inserts. Thanks.
Bumping this up - looking to pick up this years Tar Heel rookie crop:

Justin Jackson
Isaiah Hicks
Kennedy Meeks
Tony Bradley

Have a couple boxes of 2017/18 basketball to trade from. And of course, still looking for Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson.