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Jan 30, 2009
United States
Looking for your extra TTM or IP autos of baseball, football, or basketball. Mainly looking for autos of Detroit Tigers (former or current), but I will also consider Mets autos and autos of former or current semi-stars, prospects, HOF (easier to get guys like Doerr, MacPhail, Snider, etc), etc. Post what you have, I may be interested.

I can either trade some of my extras or I can trade you inserts/base from your wants for them. Let me know which you would prefer.
Here is what I have, I will look at your TTM/IP Trade list if you have one

Andersen, Larry 1989 Donruss (Astros)
Bailes, Scott 1992 Topps (Angels)
Bielecki, Mike 1990 Topps (Cubs)
Bogar, Tim 2001 Topps (Astros)
Blum, Geoff 2003 Topps (Astros)
Cacek, Craig IC (Astros)
Combs, Pat 1991 Upper Deck (Phillies)
Corsi, Jim 1989 Topps (A’s)
Cruz Sr., Jose 1987 Topps (Astros)
DiPino, Frank 1988 Topps Tiffany (Cubs)
Dotel, Octavio 2002 Upper Deck (Astros)
Dotson, Richard 1988 Donruss (White Soxs)
Eaton, Adam 2001 UD (Padres)- last name is smudged
Fireovid, Steve 1987 Topps (mariners)
Fisher, Brian 1989 Donruss (Pirates)
Fletcher, Darrin 1992 Leaf Black- In Person (Expos)
Floyd, Eric "Sleepy" Rockets 1992 Skybox 6th Man
Foley, Tom 1989 Donruss (expos)
Fregosi, Jim 1989 Topps- Whitesoxs
Gagne, Greg 1992 Donruss- Twins
Gleaton, Jerry Don 1989 Score (Royals)
Gosling, Mike 2004 Topps (smudged a little on the end of the name)
Gross, Greg 1976 Topps (Astros)
Guardado, Eddie 2005 Pacific Online (Twins)
Gutierrez, Juan 2005 Lexington Legends Team Card
Harrah, Toby 1987 Fleer (Rangers)
Harrelson, Bud 1990 Topps (Mets)
Hatcher, Billy 1988 Donruss (astros)
Hernandez, Xavier 1992 Topps- Astros
Jennings, Jason 2007 Bowman Heritage- Astros
Jennings, Jason 2004 Topps Total (Rockies)
Komminsk, Brad 1988 Donruss- Brewers
LaCoss, Mike 1983 Donruss (Astros)
Listach, Pat 1992 Jimmy Dean (Brewers)
Mason, Roger 1992 TSC (Pirates)
May, Derrick 1991 Topps (Cubs)
Mizerock, John 1986 Procards (Tuscon Toros)
Moehler, Brian 1997 Leaf RC (Tigers)
Moehler, Brian 2003 Topps (Astros)
Pentz, Gene IC (Astros, Tigers)
Power, Ted 1990 Donruss (cardinals)
Puhl, Terry1989 Topps (Astros)
Redding, Tim 2001 Fleer Platinum RC (Astros)
Reed, Jeff 1988 Topps (Expos)
Reed, Jeff 1988 Score (Expos)
Richard, JR 1982 Topps (Astros)- ballpoint, some fading
Russell, Jeff 1989 Topps (Rangers)
Saarloos, Kirk 2003 Donruss Team Heroes (Astros)
Saltalamacchia, Jarrod 2008 Topps Heritage (Rangers)
Schatzeder, Dan 1990 Donruss (Astros)
Smith, Bryn 1990 Topps (Expos)
Tanana, Frank 1990 Fleer (Tigers)
Veres, Dave 1995 Topps (Astros)
Walker, Kenny 1989-90 Hoops-knicks
Walling, Denny 1988 Donruss (Astros)
Walling, Denny 1990 Donruss (Cardinals)
Washington, Ron 1987 Topps (Twins)
Wegman, Bill 1989 Score (brewers)
Wiggington, Ty 2005 Fleer (pirates)
Williams, Jimy 2002 Topps (Astros)
Zinter, Alan 2008 Missoula Osprey Card
Need any of these? Interested in the Salty and the Moehler (Tigers).

Mike Bielecki (90 Topps, 88 Topps, 92 Topps)
Bobby Bonilla (88 Topps)
Brad Ziegler (09 Upper Deck) w/ Bible Verse
Garret Anderson (06 Topps Opening Day)
Shawon Dunston (90 Topps, 89 Fleer, 96 Pinnacle)
Steve Farr (90 Topps)
Charlie Hough (05 Donruss Classics Rangers HOF, 90 Topps)
Kei Igawa (08 Upper Deck First)
Ty Howington - Cert (00 Team Best Rookies)
Juan Pierre (02 Sports Illustrated for Kids)
Ryan Rowland-Smith (09 Topps)
Jamie Moyer (05 Donruss, 90 Topps)
Mike Mussina (05 Donruss, 06 Topps Opening Day, 01 Topps Opening Day)
Kevin Tapani (90 Topps)
Joe Nathan (05 Topps Opening Day)
Pat Neshek (08 UD First)
Tom Gorzelanny (08 UD)

Also have ICs/Blank Cards:
Virgil Trucks
George Kell w/ HOF
Pat Neshek
Brian Bass
Matt Guerrier
Kevin Slowey

A bunch of golfers.
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From what i can tell some of these players have only the one card of them in a Mets uniform (ie Allensworth) If you come across any other of these players on a different card it's fine with me, just as long as they are in a Mets uniform

Jermaine Allensworth - 1999 Fleer Tradition
Mike Bacsik - 2003 Topps Total
Billy Beane - 1986 Donruss
Heath Bell - 2006 Upper Deck
Jay Bell
Steve Bieser - 1997 Collectors Choice
Brian Bohanon - 1998 UD
Ricky Bottalico - 2005 MLB Showdown
Chad Bradford - 2006 UD
Terry Bross - 1992 Score
Jerry Buchek - 1967/68 Topps
Cliff Cook - 1963 Topps
Chuck Estrada - 1967 Topps
Nick Evans - 2009 Topps
Roberto Hernandez - 2006 Topps Update
Lou Klimchock - 1966 Topps
Phil Linz - 1968 Topps
Ken MacKenzie - 1963 Topps
Felix Mantilla - 1962 Topps
David Newhan - 2007 Topps UD
Royce Ring - 2006 Topps 52
Joe Sambito - 1985 Topps Traded
Marco Scutaro - 2003 UD
Don Shaw - 1968 Topps
Bill Short - 1968 Topps
Frank Tanana - 1993 Leaf
Kevin Tapani - 1990 Topps Debut
Chuck Taylor - 1972 Topps
Frank Thomas - 1964 Topps
Del Unser - 1976 Topps
anything else? any extras that i do not have listed

2009 Upper Deck First Endy Chavez
2008 Upper Deck First Endy Chavez
2007 Turkey Red Jon Maine
2009 Topps Jerry Manuel
2008 Upper Deck First Mike Pelfrey
2009 Upper Deck First Mike Pelfrey
2008 Upper Deck Mike Pelfrey
2009 Topps JJ Putz
2007 Turkey Red Joe Smith RC
2001 Topps Opening Day John Franco
2001 Pacific John Franco
2000 Topps John Franco
2007 Topps Julio Franco
2006 Topps Julio Franco
2001 Victory Matt Franco
2006 Topps Update Tom Glavine
2006 Topps Tom Glavine
2004 Topps Total Jeremy Griffiths
2001 Victory Darryl Hamilton
2001 Upper Deck Vintate Vintage Rookies Jae Weong Seo/Alex Escobar
2001 Fleer Prospect Eric Cammack/Grant Roberts
2001 Upper Deck Vintage Vintage Rookies Grant Roberts/Tmoniel Perez/Brian Cole
2002 Topps Heritage Benny Agbayani
2005 Upper Deck Classics Tommie Agee
2003 Upper Deck First Pitch Edgardo Alfonzo
2001 Upper Deck Vintage Edgardo Alfonzo
2002 Upper Deck Vintage Edgardo Alfonzo
2008 Upper Deck First Moises Alou
2008 Topps Update Tony Armas Jr.

I can list more if needed.