WTTF Wild Card Stripe Cards


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Hi all,

I’m looking for ANY Wild Card Stripe Cards from the early 1990s.

Any sport. Any player. Any year. Any Stripe.

I’ll trade you 1 for 1....your Stripe card for a random card of your favorite player(s) or team. You just provide me with a list of possibilities.

For example, if you send me a Terrell Brandon 5 Stripe card and you tell me your favorite team is the Rockies, you’ll get something along the lines of a Helton or CarGo insert or parallel, and so on. I’ll make sure to send cards in return of players in the same star level as what you send me.

Cards can be sent in PWE as I will do the same for smaller quantity trades.

Only looking to trade right now unless you’re looking to dump for cheap.

(Pic is for reference)

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