WTTF/WTB: 2013/2014 Tribute Billy Butler


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Here's what I'm after:

2013 Topps Tribute: (20/30 - 66% complete)
TA-BBU: gold (#/15)(COMC offer), red (#/5)
TA-BBU2: base (#/99), blue (#/50)
TA-BBU3: base (#/99)(active bid), gold (#/15), red (#/5)
TA-BBU4: orange (#/25)(COMC offer), gold (#/15)
TTSR-BB: red (#/10)

2014 Topps Tribute: (18/25 - 72% complete)
TA-BB: orange (#/40)(active bid), green (#/25), gold (#/15), red (#/5)
TPT-BB: red (#/5)
TT-BB: orange (#/40), yellow (#/30), green (#/25)

I'd also seriously consider any plates or purple/onyx 1/1s (they just aren't a priority).

What I have:

2014 Topps:
SP: 91 (Starling Marte Sabermetrics)
Red Parallels: 42,88,162,210,274,294,334,456,566
Green Parallels: 161,260,291,514,638
Blue Parallels: 76,102,121,130,135,233,237,251
Red Foil: 32,101,207,221,243,254,296,518
Gold Parallels: 234,269,357,376,462,491,573,585
Future is Now: 2,2,3,10,13,17,17,20,21,24,24,26,26,29,42,53,55,57
Rookie Cup Team: 1,5,5,6,7
Saberstars: 5
Super Veterans: 9
Upper Class: 6,7,8,9,14,15,25,35,39

2014 Topps Chrome:
Base: 3,8,16,21,22,24,29,30,58,59(auto),65,67,68,79,80,84,89,94,97,99,102,104,116,118,119,125,126,128(auto),130,142,147,149,155,158,164,172,177,178,181,182,184,189,198,200,213,214,219,220
Refractor: 3,24,26,40,53,55,57,61,67,69,76,77,81,86,89,90,93,95,114,116,118,119,120,122,123,126,131,133,134,136,146,148,153,161,163,165,170,171,175,177,182,184,186,189,190,198,200,207,210,213,217,218,220
Purple Refractor: 3,98,118,168
Blue Refractor: 26
Gold Refractor: 3(auto),157
X-Fractor: 4,71,84,179,194,212
Chrome Connection: AP, CD, FH, YD
'89 Chrome Refractors: CG,MC,PG,YP
Topps Shelf: FF,JVE

I also have some autos that I need to list - if memory serves I have an Enny Romero gold (#/50).

2014 Topps Heritage:
SPs: 450,456,480,481,493,494,500
Blue Border: 284,407,439,461
Chrome: 400
Refractor: 350

2014 Topps Stadium Club:
Lots of base, a few inserts - I will list them individually later. The notable hit from the box was a Zack Wheeler auto (#/50)...I also have a Junior Lake auto.

I also have some early 90s stuff (Classic Four Sport, UD Baseball/Basketball, Topps, Leaf) for any setbuilders out there. If you need any of that, I'd be happy to go through them. This is a very ambitious endeavour, but it'll look cool when I get it all framed up. Thanks!


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I'll gladly reward anyone that can help find any of the parallels listed (particularly the reds). I do check eBay, COMC and other forums pretty regularly - I do know about the gold TA-BBU and orange TA-BBU3 on COMC...just trying to see if a better deal shakes out somewhere.

I appreciate any help I can get!