Xmas returns


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Got home from a weekend visiting family and have the following to share with everyone.

First, one of my favorites that I have received, a copy of Jayson Starks book about the 2008 Phillies season. My dad stood in line at a book signing for the following in April and held on to it for me as an Xmas present. As a Phillies fan, what a great gift.

Second one thought was gone forever... Ricky Watters signed the cover of a Beckett football. Out 4/22, back 12/26.

[URL=http://www.imageno.com/jnjgbzl86sawpic.html] [/URL]

Last one for the weekend..Clark Gillies, former Islanders winger signed 1/2, out 11/4, back 12/26.

[URL=http://www.imageno.com/6d5dzhsoeznzpic.html] [/URL]