Yankees 1980- present Lot just pay shipping?


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I came across a 3-row box of cards this past weekend at my local flea. About 1/2 the box was Red Sox/Yankess and the rest were pretty random. Bought them for the Red Sox as it was way too cheap to pass up and I know several Red Sox traders I can trade them with. If anybody here is interested in the rest, I'll describe the general breakdown and how we'll do it.

The Yankees cards pictured (+/- 150 cards) are just some of them. For some reason, the Red Sox and Yankees were all mixed together and I'm still sorting as I get the time. My best guess is that there will be 600-700 Yankees in the end. The Yankees cover a much broader timeline from early 80's-present. There does seem to be a focus on the big Yankees teams from the Jeter era but don't quote me.

If interested, I'll ship them to you for free. Once you get them and have a look you can decide what they're worth to you (if anything). If it's worth just paying for shipping then great. If it's worth paying for shipping with a few cards back my way that's fine too. If you don't like them no worries, you don't have to send anything my way. My mindset is just getting these to a home that can enjoy them. No matter what, someone should have fun going through them.


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I will take the Yankees. Just let me know how much shipping is and give me an idea as to waht you collect.




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Hey Byron,

I just posted it up as a freebie. After I get it together and mail it out I'll let you know what it is. But like I said, no pressure on anything and don't make any decisions until they're in hand.

All I collect as a PC is 2019 Heritage. Limiting, boring I know. But it is what it is. If you have any, I can send my list if/when the time comes. Other than that, any Red Sox cards as I know a lot of locals that I can quickly trade them with.

One thing for sure, you'll have a bit of fun going through them. It's pretty diverse.