Yankees Bamm Beanos


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At a neighborhood garage sale last year, I saw something in a bag without a price on them. It was a bag of some Yankees Bamm Beanos. I knew I wanted them as trade bait, but I didn't know what my price range would be. I looked through them, and asked how much for the lot. The person running the sale said "A quarter per."

EBay is generally moderately unkind to Bamm Beanos. Nonetheless, I have six of them, and plan to keep at least one of them. If you're trying to chisel me for them, don't bother. They don't take up that much room, or require much care. Not only that, they'd probably cost me in the range of four bucks to ship. I'm probably going to say "No sale" unless it's something Cubs, something quirky, and something I'd be really proud to have in my collection.


1998 Champs Edition. 10-21-98

Orlando Hernandez
Tino Martinez
David Wells
Scott Brosius
Darryl Strawberry
Derek Jeter (Not trading this one)

If you want five Yankees Bamm Beanos and have something in Cubs (multiple cards serial numbered below 150, possibly) that I might really want, let me know. Otherwise, thanks for your time.