Yankee's Fan Pack

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Feb 9, 2010
Raleigh, NC
My wife and I got married in 2008 and went to NYC for our honeymoon. The week we got married was opening week for the Yankees, the last year of their old stadium. So we went to the 3rd game of Opening Week. Now, I am a big Red Sox fan so I had to lay low and thank goodness it was the Blue Jays playing that night. Needless to say I wanted to see Yankee Stadium before it was gone.

Fast forward to 9/30/2010. I sent an e-mail to the Yankees requesting a fan pack. I also included our honeymoon story of that night. Today I received a huge package in the mailbox. I saw it was from the Yankees and upon opening I could not believe my eyes:

1 Yankees T-Shirt
1 Yankees baseball hat
1 Yankee beanie
1 Screen printing of entire team
1 Hard Rock Cafe NY Yankees pin
2 pencils
3 Yankee bumper stick
2 Yankees book marks
1 Yankees key chain

Even though I pull against them, I was shocked with what they sent me. A BIG thanks to the team! Some of these items will look good in a shadowbox with some of our pictures and our tickets from that game.
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