Your thoughts - Atlanta Braves team signed ball w/ Aaron

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May 11, 2006
20 minutes away from Busch Stadium, home of the St
Hey guys, what are your thoughts on this ball....


I have spoken with the owner, and his story falls in line with some things I know. Pat Jarvis was a pitcher for the Braves from Carlyle, IL., which is where I went to school. I know some of his relation. Anyways, this seller says he got the ball from his father, who was good friends with Pat, back in 1967. Said Jarvis got the ball singed by the team for him. The seller says it has some fading, but has 22 signatures on it including Aaron and Torre.

I am going over in about an hour to look at it. What do you guys think? Rough estimate on what it may be worth (given it is two poor pics)? I will have to look at how faded and how well it displays. Probably won't be able to display it though, as I don't know if I would want it to further fade out.
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I wouldn't put too much $$ in it...with the sigs faded and likely to continue fading as the years go by, Aaron is the only one from that team that is worth having long term...I'm a Braves fan and I would love to have it for my PC, but to bad it's faded like that....I woudln't put more than $150 in it with the fading...even then I'd send it off to PSA to get sealed up and protected...I guess that is supposed to help and the holders are UV safe.
Yeah, I wouldn't pay too much for it considering there are a lot of sigs of average players and it's not on a ROMLB. But a cool piece for sure! :D :D
I see the following by panels:

Ken Johnson
George Stone
Pat Jarvis
Jim Busby
Hank Aaron

Clete Boyer
Claude Raymond
Tito Francona
Bob Tillman
Ron Reed

Ted Davidson
Sonny Jackson
Billy Goodman
Jim Bitton
Joe Torre

Felix Millan
Felipe Alou
Deron Johnson
Marty Martinez
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Hey, I never said it was perfect, LOL. But I think for what I was able to pick it up for, it isn't too bad. I found it on my local craigslist, and got a bunch of 60's St. Louis Cardinals scorecards, some old Sporting News magazines, alsong with some really cool soda bottles that I am going to shed. The bottles were from the 70s mainly, but include stuff for Notre Dame, the St. Louis Blues, and others. Pretty neat stuff for what I had to pay for it all.