You're not all getting Andre Dawson autos...

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Apr 13, 2007
Last week a few people received Andre Dawson autos for redemptions that Topps couldn't fulfill. I had sent in a Bowman Scout auto redemption awhile ago, so I was thinking I might get one too. Well, I did get a replacement in the mail today, but it was not Andre Dawson...

I got a Lou Piniella auto (pictured as manager in Cubs uniform). It's the same deal as the Dawson - encased without much info on the back, so it doesn't appear to be from any specific set. Oh well. If anyone is interested in trading for it, let me know.
I can use the Lou...let me know what you need for it.

I could use the Joe Nathan auto or the Porcello dual jersey. If you have any non-auto/gu of Lincecum or Mauer, especially refractors, let me know as those are the 2 main players I collect.

I'd also be interested in working out something for the Lincecum Spectrum auto if it's for trade/sale.

Thanks - David.
I'm curious. Is the card numbered on the back? The Dawson appeared to be card #1. I wonder if this is some sort of new thing Topps is rolling out.
Interesting. So this is definitely a "set" of some kind. I wonder who else we'll see? These might become more collectible than people think.
Could be a big hit, especially if this is some sort of set made only to be given out when a redemption couldn't be fulfilled.